Monday, 9 September 2013

Comic Con Haul

Comic-Con Haul 07/09/13
This Saturday I Headed to MCM Comic-Con in the Glasgow SECC, I'd planned on taking a bunch of photos and making a massive post about the day but...frankly...I had too much fun to remember to take any pictures.
I had an absolute blast, seen a lot of awesome things and got to chat with some brilliantly talented artists.

While I didn't get any pictures though, one thing I certainly did stuff. So, here it is, my haul from MCM 2013.

Let's start with Edward Ross' Filmish. A series of indie comics dealing with film and film theory, these are great I've read all three and they're absolutely brilliant. Also had a wee chat with Ross himself and he was a genuinely nice guy. I was happy to support him and I'll definitely be buying more from him in the future.

Robots is a collection of short strips by various writers published by Accent UK, not read this yet but it's wonderfully presented and was a bargain.

More from Accent, these are three separate issues sold in a bundle. each issues deals with a seperate theme, Monster, Pirates and Twelve seems to be just a collection of random strips. 

I also picked up the final ever issue of the Dandy. I've never been a massive Dandy fan but I had a lot of respect for the comic and was very sad to learn that it was going to finish. I'd hoped to pick this up when it was released but missed it in stores. Glad to have finally picked it up.

Badges, these were free from Tokyo toys when you spent a certain ammount of money. I got them when I bought...

...this awesome Sonic hat...

...and also Ash's hat.

Also got a blue demon wrestling mask. I've wanted a wrestling mask for ages now but it's hard to find any that aren't based on Rey Mysterio who I'm not much or a fan of. Blue Demon is a wrestling legend so I was more than happy to get one based on his mask.

Finally I got a tiny C3PO as a gift for my fiancee who couldn't make it to the event. She loves C3PO so this was a nice little thing to get her.

When we left the event we took a wander around Glasgow for a little while. Wasn't planning on spending anymore money...but then....I seen this....

there was no way I wasn't buying this.....

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