Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Losers: Close Quarters

The Losers: Close Quarters
The Losers: Close Quarters
Andy Diggle, Jock & Ben Oliver

 "The Losers' pursuit of rogue C.I.A. mastermind Max has led them to London, where a potential trove of information on their quarry's financial dealings awaits them at the money-laundering offices of Cayman Credit Internationale—provided they can get past the Company-sponsored welcoming committee.
Following the money will only take them so far, though. To find out what all that cash is for, the Losers will need to head out to sea—and what they discover both above and below the waves will raise the stakes of this deadly game to a whole new level."

   The Losers are getting ever closer to Max and this time, their quest takes them to London, head of C.C.I. the bank owned by Max.

   Unfortunately, despite the ramping tension, this is perhaps the weakest volume in the series. Don’t get me wrong, it’s by no means bad, but the heists and twists in this volume just fail to grab me the same way the previous arcs have.
   Still, there are some decent twists and turns here. The group is forced to work with Stegler in investigating C.C.I. and Roque returns to spoil the mission, leading to a motorbike chase through the London underground.

   The second half of the book sees the Losers attempt to stop Roque stealing an active nuclear warhead for Max. This is another heist which fails to grab you, but it’s interesting to see the Losers fail. As the mission goes awry, the Losers find themselves without a back up plan, forced to adapt to an ever worsening situation when they fail to realise the extent of Roque’s plan.

Creator, Andy Diggle   The art, as ever is fantastic, I really can’t give enough praise to the careful colour palette, cinematic shots and detailed environments, it’s just a great looking book.

  So yeah, this may be a weaker entry in the series, but it’s perhaps the only weak point in a series which sets a high benchmark that’s hard to continually top. Definitely give it a read and don’t let the slight dip in quality stop you from moving on to book five.

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