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The Losers: Ante Up

The Losers, Ante Up
The Losers 
Ante Up 
Andy Diggle, Jock
 "The Company thought that it had taken care of the Losers. After they saw a little too much at the wrong place and time, their chopper went down in flames with no survivors and plenty of deniability—and the Losers went down in the records as just another team of black ops foot soldiers tragically lost to one of the C.I.A.'s shadow wars.
But the Losers were just playing dead—and now that they've seen what the Company is really up to, they're through with games. Now it's time to take the fight back to its source."

   The Losers, is non stop drama, gun fire, car chases, heists and explosions. It’s an action movie in comic book format, and I absolutely adore it.
   From the first time I picked up this book several years ago, I was hooked and I’ve returned to the series several times since and always found myself being entertained.

   The series (a very loose adaptation of a long forgotten WWII DC comic) focuses on The Losers, a renegade special forces unit, betrayed by the CIA, who, in full A-Team style, escape death, and swear revenge.
   This first volume serves as an introduction to the various characters and sees the Losers break into a major oil terminal in an attempt to steal a hard drive contain records of dirty dealings  made by the CIA, in order to exchange it for their freedom.

Jock   Right from the off, this series is action packed, filled with inventive heists and brilliantly choreographed action scenes with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.
   What really makes it entertaining though, are the characters. Writer, Andy Diggle, does a great job of giving each member of the group their own character, both in terms of their personality and their visual aesthetics. Each of the five characters feels well defined and original. From the gruff team leader clay, to wise cracking computer hacker Jenson. From the silent, haunted sniper, Cougar to deadly killing machine Aisha, each character is exciting and engaging.

   This first volume admittedly focuses a little more on the action side of things, but the great dialogue and character building is there from the off. This volume doesn’t give too much away other than the fact that the Losers were supposedly killed in action and have somehow escaped their fate, it keeps their origins deliberately shrouded in mystery, but this only serves to make the characters more engaging.

   The art is gorgeous and Jock’s unique style was what first attracted me to the series. He does a great job of giving each character their own individual look and manages to capture all the high octane drama perfectly. Action is something that can so often feel dry on a comic book page, but these drawing feel alive. You don’t feel like you’re looking at a series of still images, instead you’re completely sucked into the heart of the action.
Andy Diggle   The colours are great Lee Loughridge. The muted tones and strong shadows give the whole thing the feel of a 1960’s spy movie poster. It’s just great stuff.

   If you’re into action or heist movies this series is a must, but even if you’re not, the fantastic cast and beautiful art will hold your interest.
   Be warned though, this series is addictive, there’s no reading just one volume. Once you’ve started, you’ll need to see it through to the end, but don’t worry, it’s worth the ride.

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