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Holly Prickles Finds a New Home

Holly Prickles Finds a New HomeHolly Prickles the Hedgehog 1:
Holly Prickles 
Finds a New Home

Brenda May Williams

   The first book in a series, which follows hedgehog Holly Prickles as she helps her woodland friends find some breakfast and somewhere warm to bed down for the night.

   Despite this book being so slim, it’s a deceptively long read and makes for the perfect story to spend half an hour with at bedtime reading to small children.
   The story is simple but incredibly sweet and does a good job of balancing story telling with some subtle lessons about the various creatures living in the bottom of the garden.
   Holly is an adorable character, always willing to help out her friends, though she also has a stern side and refuses to be taken advantage of when the various insects of the garden all try to lay claim to the leaves she has gathered for her bed.
   This makes for a pretty cool lesson to teach to children, to be helpful to others, but also to be firm and stand up for yourself when you need to. It’s a good message, and one that some adults could do with learning too.

   The only real problem I have with the book are the illustrations which simply aren’t to my taste. They have a simple, childlike quality to them which I suppose works well with the intended age group, but personally I think something with a bit more polish would really have helped bring out the best in this tale and bring the characters to life.

   Overall though, this is a charming book either to read to a small child or to help them on their first steps to reading for themselves and it would make a great addition to any parent’s bookshelf. 

Brenda May Williams

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This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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