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Sonic X Part 15 - Episdoes #71 - 75

Sonic X
Sonic X
Part 15 - Episdoes #71 - 75

Ep 71: Hedgehog Hunt
   Sonic and the gang find themselves stranded on an alien planet but come across the Chaotix who have opened a café there.

   A pretty fun episode which sees the gang team up with the Chaotix again to rebuild their ship. Eggman also appears, hunting for Sonic under the watchful eye of the Metarex, however, in the end it turns out that Eggman is on Sonic’s side when he disguises his own ship as Sonic’s allowing Sonic to escape.

   As always, the Chaotix steal every episode they’re in. The seedy bar they open up when they fail to make their way home is great. Packed with shady characters and bellowing with sleazy tunes, it’s a bar ripped directly from a noir film. It’s just awesome.
   This is a fun episode.

Ep 72: Zelkova Strikes Back
   Yellow Zelkova returns….and the episode is just as interesting as the last one he was in…

Naked Metarex

   Yeah, it’s another fight episode, not much else to say about it. The battle is at least more interesting than Zelkova’s previous effort and there are a couple tense moments. The end of the battle sees Zelkova’s armour break off to reveal…well…I don’t even really know what it is…it’s a thing…but it’s a pretty creepy moment.
   Overall though, it’s another bland, episodic entry that you could easily ignore…

Ep 73: The Cosmo Conspiracy
   Shadow and Rouge sneak aboard Sonic’s ship and attempt to kidnap Cosmo.

   I enjoyed this one a lot. The battle that the gang have across the ship remains interesting throughout, the art and animation are high quality and it’s entertaining throughout.
   It’s nice to see the lengths Tails will go to to protect Cosmo, it really shows how much he cares for her.

Tails and Cosmo

   The episode also casts aspersions on Cosmo’s character when it is revealed that Dark Oak has been using her all along and she’s a spy for the Metarex, codenamed White Seed. It’s an awesome twist, one that I genuinely didn’t see coming. It sets up an  awesome cliff hanger.

Ep 74: Eye Spy
   Still reeling from the revelation that Cosmo has been spying for the Metarex, the gang land on a planet to regroup, but soon learn it’s Cosmo’s destroyed homeworld.

   Wow, what an episode. Cosmo’s arc throughout it is great as she struggles to come to terms with the idea that the Metarex have been using her without her knowledge.
   We also get a pretty in-depth back story on the origins of the Metarex. When Amy and rouge stumble upon an ancient recoreding, we learn that the Metarex were once part or Cosmo’s race and that after an Alien invasion, her homeworld was destroyed. A small group refused to leave the planet with the rest of the species and crystallised the planet egg, turning themselves into the Metarex.
   We also learn that Cosmo’s race (or at least the males of the species) can turn into giant dinosaurs… that’s awesome…

   Cosmo decides she wants to leave but Tails and the gag won’t let her and vow to stand by her side no matter what. It’s a heartwarming end to what is a very heavy hitting episode with some great reveals. It’s an awesome episode and helps set the scene for the final battle when we learn that the Metarex have finally found all seven chaos emeralds and are ready to complete their plan.

Ep 75: Agent of Mischief
   The Metarex launch their final plan to rebuild their homeworld. Sonic and the gang turn up to take them down once and for all.


   This one starts off pretty dull but definitely picks up towards the end. The Metarex gather at the centre of the galaxy where, once every thousand years, a planet egg crosses over from another dimension. The egg combines with the power of the seven emeralds, turns the remaining Metarex into a gigantic, three headed dragon that looks like Kind Ghidorah and rebuilds the planet.
    It’s an awesome build up for the final  stage of the show and, while the episode starts slow, it leaves you desperate to find out what happens next. 

Sonic says

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