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Sonic X Part 14 - Episodes #66 - 70

Sonic X
Sonic X
Part 14 - Episodes #66 - 70

Ep 66: Clash in the Cloister
    While making their way into the Metarex cloister, the gang end up in a battle with the super strong Metarex, Yellow Zelkova.

   While there’s nothing wrong with having an action heavy episode every now and then, this one is absolutely pointless. Apart from the battle with Zelkova, nothing happens at all. You might think that by that I mean nothing else of consequence happens, but no, literally nothing else occurs in this episode. They turn up, they fight, the end.
   The fight itself isn’t even particularly interesting and Zelkova is hardly a character worth dedicating a whole episode. This is filler at its most blatant, a fight that should have taken up the last five minutes of an episode, stretched out to full episode length….what a waste of time.

Ep 67: Teasing Time
   Chris and Cosmo are lured into a trap by Black Narcissus and it’s up to Sonic to save them.

   This is another fairly dull episode with one exception. Towards the end of the episode, Sonic’s anger at seeing Chris and Cosmo in such distress, combined with the power of the multiple fake Chaos Emeralds surrounding him causes him to transform into Dark Sonic, a version of Sonic with increased speed and strength but also increased aggression. Immediately after turning into Dark Sonic he dispatches of two Metarex with ease and a murderous glee.
   Straight away however, Eggman appears and manages to convince Sonic to power down by warning him of the dangers of remaining in his Dark form, being constantly angry like Shadow is.

Dark sonic

   It’s a really cool moment, but one spoiled somewhat by being so brief. It would have been cool to see Dark Sonic show off a little more of his abilities and to gain a little more insight into Sonic’s mindset when he’s in this form. Sadly though, we only get this brief glimpse, Dark Sonic never resurfaces in the series again, they definitely missed a trick there.

Ep 68: A Revolutionary Tale
   Eggman discovers the remaining survivors of a group of humans battling a Metarex armada. Their leader Molly believes Shadow is a hero from the group’s folklore called “Black Wind” who will lead them to victory.
   Eggman and Shadow decide to help and assist in the revolution against the Metarex.

   An interesting episode but yet another one that feels like filler. The group of humans just feel really bland, even Molly who’s the only real character among them. It’s good to see a story focusing on characters outside of Sonic and Co. but this just feels a little pointless overall. There’s no real reveals or necessary information, it’s all a bit damp…  

Ep 69: A Planet of misfortune
   The group discover a race called the Marmolins who are in possession of a chaos emerald. They offer it to Sonic in exchange for his help saving their world.

Tails and Cosmo

   This is another filler episode (seriously guys, we’re getting pretty close to the end of the show, isn’t it about time we got something of substance?) but at least it’s a fun one.
   The Marmolins are famed fortune tellers and are in possession of hundreds of magic spells and talismans. When the gang visit their home world Amy becomes obsessed with getting as many love spells and potions as possible in an effort to win Sonic’s heart. They all backfire however as the elaborate trap she sets up to trigger the spell is tripped by Tails and Cosmo who end the episode, seemingly having admitted their feelings for each other and having started a relationship.

   It’s a pretty cute episode and it’s good to see one not focusing on action but character, filler it may be, but it’s still a good one.

Ep 70: Terror on the Typhoon
   Sonic and co battle a group of Meta-oh who even cares?

   Yep, you guessed right, it’s yet another pointless filler episode that ultimately leads to nothing. It’s a fight in space, ships shooting lasers at other ships who shoot lasers back at the ships that shot the lasers first…
   There’s a moment where Tails makes a mistake and Sonic and Knuckles get injured leading him to doubt his ability as Captain but it’s dealt with pretty quickly. 

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