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Sonic X Part 13 Episodes #61 - 65

Sonic X
Sonic X
Part 13 Episodes #61 - 65

Ep 61: Ship of Doom
   While cruising through space, the gang engage in a battle with the Metarex that destroyed Cosmo’s home world.

   Another Robot of the week episode but the villain in this one is so cool it hardly matters. He’s the size of a space ship and takes down Eggman’s space station single-handedly, defeating Shadow in the process.
   After Sonic and the gang struggle to defeat him, Sonic teams up with Shadow to finally take him down, giving Cosmo some closure, but not weakening her resolve to see the Metarex defeated.

   It’s an episode that might be low on plot, but an impressive villain and decent action sequences make up for it. It’s not my favourite episode, but in terms of pure spectacle, it’s pretty cool.

Ep 62: An Underground Odyssey
   While exploring a new planet, Cosmo and Tails get trapped underground and discover a Metarex plot to create fake chaos emeralds, duplicating their power.

   This is a surprisingly decent episode. We get to see some brief flashbacks to Cosmo’s home world, giving us a taste of what she has lost, she also gets some time alone with Tails and the friendship between the two really starts to grow.
   It’s great because we finally get to see Cosmo grow a little as a character, it’s great to see.

Samurai Snakes

   Did I mention the skeleton samurai snakes? Oh yeah, there’s Skeleton samurai snakes in this episode, possibly the coolest Metarex villains so far, they’re the most 90’s looking things you’ve ever seen. They’re like something out of Mummies Alive.

   All in all, this is a good episode, with a decent amount of time spent on the characters instead of the action. The uncovering of the Metarex plot also gives the impression that this story arc is finally going somewhere.

Ep 63: Station Break In
   After discovering two Chaos emeralds are hidden in a Metarex base, Sonic and Eggman team up to break in and steal them.

   This was a pretty decent episode, the team up between Sonic and Eggman led to some pretty cool moments. The two agree that whoever gets to the emeralds first can keep them, this obviously leads to Eggman using dirty tactics to get Sonic and his friends out of the running. Meanwhile, Rouge also turns on Eggman and attempts to get the emeralds for herself.

   While there’s a little less comedic interactions between the two sides than I’d like, (this episode is pretty action heavy) it’s still a decent episode.

Ep 64: A Meterex Melee
   After breaking into the Metarex base, Sonic finds himself in a fight with their leader Dark Oak, as well as an approaching armada.

   These action heavy episodes always fail to hold my attention. I just find myself switching off when there’s nothing but fighting with no meaningful interactions between characters.
   Sadly, that’s exactly what happened here. While there’s some cool stuff going on, it just failed to grab me. The only thing of any real interest was the final battle between Super Sonic and Super Shadow which was all too brief, the fight should have been epic, perhaps having a whole episode dedicated to it, instead it’s thrown in at the end here with no real chance to go anywhere.
   While the two fight, a black hole is opened up inside the base, destroying the Metarex stronghold, but swallowing up all seven emeralds in the process.

Ep 65: Mission: Match Up
   The Chaotix appear on the ship after getting lost and damaging their ship. While Tails fixes their ship, Vector decides to pay him back by setting him up on a date with Cosmo.

   This is a really fun episode, even if it is basically just filler. The Chaotix try a bunch of different ways of getting Cosmo to fall for Tails, the most enjoyable of which sees an invisible Espio puppet an unconscious Knuckles, with a fake beard, claiming to have joined the Metarex in an attempt to get Tails to save Cosmo. It’s a delightfully convoluted plan and it won’t come as any surprise that it fails miserably.

Knux face
Knuck Puppet

   Ironically, while the Chaotix are coming up with new plans, hints of a romantic relationship do blossom between the two as Tails helps Cosmo plan a party.

   While the contents of the episode may be of little consequence, it’s nice to finally get an episode that slows down the pace and focuses on the characters instead of the action. It’s a good one. 

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