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Sonic X Part 12 - Episodes #56 - 60

Sonic X 
Part 12 - Episodes #56 - 60

Ep 56: An enemy in need
   Eggman convinces Knuckles that he has turned over a new leaf, leading Knuckles to battle against Sonic for possession of the chaos emerald.

   This was a really enjoyable episode, Knuckles’ gullibility leads to some really funny moments. When he explains Eggman’s change of heart to the rest of the gang Amy flat out tells him he’s an idiot and points out the numerous times he’s already fallen for the same trick. Also, when the battle with Sonic begins, instead of worrying for their friends safety, the rest of the group just goes about their business, so used to the two fighting that it has no effect on them anymore. It’s good to see the Sonic series pokefunat itself and it's pretty funny.

   As for the rest of the episode, once Eggman’s plan is revealed, they’re attacked by a Metarex leading to a decent battle between it and Eggman’s giant mech to end the episode. It’s a good one.

Ep 57: A Chilling Discovery
   After another Chaos Emerald appears on their ships radar, the gang travel to the frozen planet….Freezy…great name…

   They may not be anything terrible about this episode but sadly (and perhaps, predictably) there’s also nothing great in it either…
   The group land on the planet, find the emerald and do battle with the Metarex protecting it, that’s really all there is to it.
   Sadly, after the great overarching narratives that made up the second half of series one, we seem to be back to the episodic robot of the week formula that made the opening episodes of the show such a chore to get through. Prepare for more tedium ahead…

Ep 58: Desperatly Seeking Sonic
   After a battle in space, Sonic crash lands on yet another planet. While he steals a chaos emerald from Eggman, Amy cream and Cosmo work on retrieving the planet egg from a cowardly Metarex.

Girl Power

    Not a great episode, but it’s good to see the girls get some time to shine. The Metarex that has the planet egg manages to trap the three of them, but rather than fall into the damsel in distress role, the three girls repeatedly break out of his traps and continue the hunt.
   Sadly, towards the end and completely out of the blue, this plot is dropped so Sonic can have his showdown with Eggman, it’s a real shame because this could have been a great opportunity to give the female characters room to grow a little. Instead, we’re treated to yet another fight between Sonic and Eggman…

Ep 59: Galactic Gumshoes
   When the Chaotix are hired by Vanilla to deliver some items to Chris, the gang mistake their ship for a Metarex attack squad.

   A pretty pointless one but a fun one nonetheless. When the Chaotix board the gang’s ship it leads to a bunch of funny scenes where they’re mistaken for Metarex, the most enjoyable is when Charmy dresses in armour to protect his from the groups attacks, failing to realise the armour only makes him look more like a Metarex.

   Eventually the problem is solved but Vector decides it’s not suitable for Cream to be out in space (which is…actually a totally fair point) and tries to kidnap her and bring her home to Vanilla. This second half isn’t half as entertaining and the decision at the end is a little cheesy. That said though, this is an amusing enough episode, it’s just great to have the Chaotix appear again.

Ep 60: Trick Squad
   While exploring Eggman’s ship, Rogue stumbles upon a secret. Shadow is still alive, frozen within a capsule powered by a Chaos emerald.

Dun dun dun!

   Aside from the reveal that Shadow is still alive, there’s really not much going on here. The gang travels to a planet destroyed by the Metarex and do battle with on of them. It’s another boring robot of the week episode, saved only by the cliffhanger which sees Shadow awaken, find the emerald that drew Sonic to the planet, and return it to Eggman. 

Sonic says


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