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Sonic X Part 11 - Episodes #51 - 55

Sonic X
Sonic X
Part 11 - Episodes #51 - 55

Ep 51: Friends ‘til the End
   Chris and Sonic run away to the mountains  after Chris shuts down the Chaos Control device.
   They hide out in a cabin Chris visited as a child until Chris realises he was wrong to keep Sonic trapped on earth.

Sonic and Chris

   This is a really nice episode. It’s great to have a whole ep that’s nothing but interaction between two characters, especially seeing how little time Sonic and Chris actually spend together. The dialogue they share is great and Chris grows up a lot when he realises he has to let Sonic go.

Ep 52: A new start
   The last episode of either Season 1 or 2 depending on which version of the show you’re watching, this episode sees Eggman launch an attack on his homeworld in the absence of Sonic.

   The battle here feels a little forced, there’s no real reason for it other than to fill up the episode, I can’t help but feel this one would work better if they’d just added an extra ten minutes onto the last episode, dealing with Sonic’s return home onwards.

   That said, it’s still a pretty cool episode, we get to see a little more of Sonic’s world, though not quite as much as I’d like, a highly emotive reunion between Sonic and Amy and a really cool finale which shows Chris and his friends as adults, working on a chaos control device to take them to Sonic’s world.
   It’s really cool and was originally supposed to be the end to the show before another season was demanded by fans (for some reason). All in all, it’s a pretty cool finale.

Ep 53: A Cosmic Call
   While battling a mysterious robot in space, Sonic uses chaos control to scatter the emeralds across the world.
   After recuperating at Eggman’s base, he leaps straight back into action when another robot attacks, stealing the planet egg, the world’s lifeforce.

Adult Chris

   A pretty uninteresting opening to the new series to be honest. While the Metarex are a pretty cool series of villains, their designs are too generic for my tastes. They just don’t look like Sonic characters.
   As for the plot, there’s not a whole bunch to hold your attention. The episode ends with the adult Chris finally getting his machine to work, teleporting to Sonic’s world, and turning back into a child…..oh dear…

Ep 54: Cosmic Crisis
   Cosmo explains to the gang that she is the last of an alien species whose home planet was destroyed by the Metarex. The gang build a spaceship intending to take the fight to the metarex themselves.

Fight fight fight

   This is another weak episode, the main body of the ep is a fight between sonic and another Metarex and it’s just dull…to be fair, this is still in the beginning stages of the arc, we’re still learning about the metarex and their goals…but yeah….it’s boring…

Ep 55: H2 Whoa
   The gang land on a water logged planet, searching for a chaos emerald. While hunting, they are attacked by a group of fishy metarex.

   A decent enough episode, this one sees Chris battle with the emotions surrounding his newfound predicament. When attacked by the Metarex he tries to put his kung fu training into effect but finds it ineffective due to the lack of strength in his child-like body. The frustrations of being a grown man stuck in the body of a kid begin to wear him down and he struggles to find his place in the gang.
   It’s pretty interesting and while it never goes as deep as I’d like, it’s an interesting look at Chris’ psychology after travelling to Sonic’s homeworld. 

Sonic Says 

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