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Sonic X Part 10 - Episodes #46 - 50

Sonic X
Sonic X
Part 10 - Episodes #46 - 50

Ep 46: A Wild Win
   Emerl wins the fighting tournament and gets the Chaos Emerald. However, the energy from the emerald makes him go berserk and he attacks the stadium.

   I didn’t enjoy this episode half as much as the tournament itself, but it has its moments, most notably the ending, which sees Emerl take down Sonic and his friends before Cream jumps in and takes him down.
   After being a defenceless little kid throughout the series, it’s good to see Cream actually doing something and the fact that it’s her that saves the day is pretty cool.

Ep 47: Map of Mayhem
   When a G.U.N. ship goes missing, Sonic and Co. set out to investigate. Meanwhile, Eggman steals a map that leads to a mysterious lost continent.

   This story is pretty weak to be honest. Eggman wants to find a lost continent because it has a volcano that, if forcibly erupted, will cause a chain reaction that covers the earth in lava.
   It’s a pretty dumb plot that leads to a pretty dumb, boring episode. The only real redeeming factor is Eggman’s giant pirate ship, which is utterly badass. I loves it…I want one.

Ep 48: The Volcanic Venture
   Sonic and Co. follow Eggman to the island where he intends to set off the volcano in what must be the most boring episode so far….holy crap…is that Mothra?

No...seriously, Mothra...

   Yeah, for some reason, the island is inhabited by Godzilla villains, which means we get to see Sonic take on Mothra (or Mothmacin as she’s called here) and M.O.G.U.E.R.A. (Mongroun). There’s even a statue in a cave that looks a little too much like Godzilla himself to be a coincidence.
   Exactly why there are Godzilla characters on the island is unclear. It’s suggested that the people who lived there built them but…why are they Godzilla characters? Not that I’m complaining mind you, seeing Sonic go toe to toe with some of cinemas most famous kaiju is freakin’ awesome.

This is the best thing ever...

Ep 49: The Beginning of the End
   The group learn that Sonic’s world and Earth were once one and the same, and that if Sonic and Co. do not return home soon, time will freeze as the two  world’s timeframes merge.

   This is a slow, plot heavy episode and it’s all the better for it. There are some pretty emotive scenes here such and Chuck’s speech to Tails about how much he’ll miss him when he returns home and Chris’ emotional breakdown as he tries to get Eggman to admit the whole scenario is a trick, which it isn’t.
   Chris’ sadness at the thought of not getting to see Sonic and his friends anymore is touching and the slow pace of the episde allows for that tension to build perfectly. It’s a great start to the arc that will see Sonic sent home.

Ep 50: Running Out of Time
   This episode starts with a rogue G.U.N. agent launching an attack on Eggman, suspecting he is planning one last attack before returning home.
    It’s a bit of a weak opening to what is otherwise a pretty cool episode. The main body of the episode sees Tails and Chuck complete their chaos control machine and the gang offering their final farewells before heading home. Ella offers Amy a book of her recipes and Topaz breaks down completely when Rouge leaves.


   It’s an emotional episode and delivers some great moments. The episode ends on a great cliffhanger, with Chris shutting down the machine before Sonic can step through, desperate to keep him on Earth.

Sonic says: Destroy all monsters

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