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Sonic X Part 8 - Episodes #36 - 40

Part 8 - Episodes #36 - 40

Ep 36: Shadow World
   Shadow takes Chris into space and we get our first look at the ARK as Eggman uses it to destroy the moon. Back on Earth, Sonic, Kunckles and the gang battle their way into Eggman’s base to find a way into space.

   This episode is pretty dull. As a whole, the Shadow arc fails to hold your attention as well as the previous Chaos storyline, this episode is a prime example. The action scenes are boring and make up the majority of the episode, the plot isn’t advanced all that much and the art….oh boy.
   The art in Sonic X can vary from the excellent to the pitiful. When the art is good it’s great, but when it’s bad it can render the episodes near unwatchable. This episode must be one of the worst in the series in terms of quality, you’d be hard pressed to find a single shot where anybody is on model. The human characters like Eggman and the President especially, more often than not have proportions more suited to the animal characters and their animation is pathetic. You’re taken completely out of the story and left wondering how this art was ever allowed into the finished episode.

Ep 37: Robotnik’s Revenge
   As the Shadow arc heads towards it’s conclusion we get a lot more info on the backstory of the project. Mr Stewart who, over the course of the arc, has been posing as a journalist trying to find information on project shadow, with little success finally finds the man who led the the attack team on the ARK. He reveals that Robotnik was performing genetic experiments and the government had his team wiped out. We also learn the man leading the attack team saw Maria Robotnik release the Shadow creature from the ARK and killed her.
   Meanwhile, Rouge steals all of Eggman’s files on project shadow and discovers that Shadow isn’t the true ultimate life form he believes himself to be.


   This is a great episode, packed with plot and enough action to break it up. The episode ends with Sonic and Shadow battling on the eclipse cannon while Eggman powers it up, only to uncover a video recording by his Grandfather revealing the true purpose of the eclipse cannon.

Ep 38: Showdown in Space
   The Shadow arc reaches it’s conclusion with a finale that sees Eggman and Sonic team up to stop the ARK crashing into the planet.

The Biolizard

   This is just awesome and, while I don’t think it’s quite as cool as the end of the Chaos arc, it’s still definitely worth a watch. The highlight is of course, seeing Super Sonic and Super Shadow team up to destroy the true ultimate life form the BioLizard (though I don’t think it’s ever actually named). The final battle is an awesome sight, with the two hedgehogs battling the space station sized beast, Shadow  casting of his inhibitor rings and gaining the final energy boost needed to destroy the creature sacrificing himself in the process.

Super Shadow

   It’s a brilliant episode start to finish ad ends on a humorous note with Eggman saying that while destroying the planet would be wrong, he still wants to conquer it. Check it out, it’s a good one.

Ep 39: Defective Detectives
   When parts of Sonic’s home world start appearing all over the city, The Chaotix Detective Agency find themselves on earth with a case to solve.
   The episode also introduces Cream’s mother who also finds her way to earth, meanwhile, Eggman sets about repairing the broken half of the moon, replacing it with a mechanical structure.


   This was a really fun episode, it centres almost exclusively around the interactions between the three members of Chaotix, who are some of my favourite characters in the Sonic Universe. Their constant bickering leads to some funny moments and it’s good to have an episode based around characters rather than action scenes.
   The first half of the episode is bogged down by reused footage from previous episodes and a lot of unnecessary exposition, but it’s a good one nonetheless.

Ep 40: Sunblock Solution
   Eggman claims to have lost control of the Eggmoon and it causes an elclipse which shrouds the world in darkness. He is employed by the president to harness the sun’s light which he sells to people in the form of Sunshine balls, and orb of sunlight that can be installed on the lawn.

   The people of earth are awfully willing to forgive Eggman it seems, or they at least have awful memories as this is about the third time Eggman has claimed to be a goody in the series so far. Sonic is the only one who doesn’t believe him and starts smashing the towers he uses to relay the light, making him public enemy number one.

   It’s a fun episode even if the premise is a little silly, my favourite part of the episode has to be the very end, which sees the show rebranded as EggmanX now that Eggman is the hero and Sonic the villain. The idea of Eggman having a home shopping network is just brilliant too. 

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