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Sonic X Part 7 - Episodes #31 - 35

Sonic X
Sonic X
Part 7 - Episodes #31 - 35

Ep 31: Revenge of the Robot
   Another great episode which sees Sonic do battle with Eggman and the conclusion of Gamma’s arc as he hunts down the rest of the E-series and reprograms them.

   The only real problem I have with this episode is how quickly Gamma’s story is wrapped up, I’d have preferred it if his hunt for the rest of the E-Series had crossed over a couple of episodes to really build on the idea that he’s turning against his master and programming to save his brothers, an idea I thought was handled very well in the game. Here it feels a little rushed and it leaves the final battle with Beta feeling a little unimportant in the grand scheme of things.
   That said, the final shots of a destroyed Gamma holding hands with Beta tell the story pretty well.

Ep 32: Flood Fight
   The final part of the Sonic Adventure adaptation, this episode sees Chaos return and gain control of the seven emeralds, transform into Perfect Chaos and flood station square.  

Perfect Chaos

   This is another episode I wish was a two parter, there’s just too much to get across in twenty minutes, first we get to learn the backstory of Chaos, that he is a spirit who guards the chaos emeralds and keeps them from harm. We also learn that because of the attack by Tikal’s tribe, Chaos is in a state of eternal anger and uses the evil power of the emeralds to wreak havoc.
    We get to see Chaos flood station square, something that I actually think the series handles better than the game. We actually got to see some of the damage he causes, people are in a panic, we see the government fail to intervene and people evacuating the city. In the game, the flooding of the city feels like a minor inconvenience, here, we at least get some hints to the devastation it causes.
   Then of course we get to see the final climactic battle between Chaos and Super Sonic. It’s an awesome moment and easily one of my favourites of the series so far.

   The episode never feels too rushed, but it could have definitely benefited from a little more time, perhaps ending an episode on the cliff hanger of seeing Perfect Chaos emerge for the first time then leaving a whole episode to deal with the battle and aftermath would have been better than cramming the fight into the final ten minutes, but hey, it’s still a great episode with an epic final battle and it’s a great ending to a brilliant arc.

Ep 33: Project Shadow
   Dr Eggman hacks into a military database and discovers top secret files, belonging to his grandfather Gerald Robotnik, dealing with the mysterious Project Shadow.
   The president sends Rouge and Topaz to discover what they can about the project, meanwhile, due to the damage to the mansion, Chris and Cream are forced to move away until the damage is repaired, leaving their friends behind.


   Like the opening to the Chaos arc, this episode does a great job of slowly building the impression that something epic is on the horizon. Information and hints about the Shadow project as well as Gerald Robotnik and Maria are drip fed to us, slowly building up the mystery and leaving you wanting more. It’s a great opening chapter to the Sonic Adveture 2 adaptation and ends on a brilliant cliff hanger with Eggman awakening the shadow creature to reveal….Sonic? Dun! Dun! Duuuuunnnn!

Ep 34: Shadow Knows
   This episode sees Sonic arrested and charged with an attack on prison island. Once he escapes CCTV footage starts circulating which appears to show him stealing a chaos emerald from a museum. While battling government robots send to re-capture him, Sonic meets the real culprit, The mysterious Shadow the Hedgehog.

   This episode’s a little more action driven than story driven which is fine, but the problem is, the first battle between Sonic and Shadow is…pretty dull. It takes up the majority of the episode and it’s a bit of a drag. Personally I’d have preferred if the reveal of Shadow was left a little longer to allow the mistaken identity stuff to play out a little more. Aside from that, it’s a decent enough intro to the character, there’s still a lot for the viewer to learn, I just think revealing Shadow so early on damages the mystique a little.

Ep 35: Sonic’s Big Break
   This episode begins with Mr Tanaka and Chris (dressed as the green hornet and Kato) using a paddle boat to sneak onto prison island to rescue Sonic…if that doesn’t sound like filler, I don’t know what does.

   Yeah the Chris subplot in this episode is entirely pointless but the rest of the episode is ok. It deals with Tails and Amy attempting to rescue Sonic while Shadow and Rouge also attack prison island looking for chaos emeralds. The episode is pretty convoluted, with far too much going on and too many plotlines all tangling together but it’s fun enough. It does introduce my new favourite Sonic X character, though I doubt we’ll ever see him again, an utter nutcase of a guard who speaks in nothing but exposition, delivering long monologues detailing Sonic’s prison cell and the defense procedures of prison island, all while his fellow guards look on with looks of complete confusion…love it.

Crazy guard
   Also, when the bomb Shadow plants hits the final ten second countdown, the ten seconds stretch out to at least a minute…just saying…

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