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Sonic X Part 6 - Episodes #26 - 30

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 Sonic X
Part 6 - Episodes #26 - 30

Ep 26: Countdon to Chaos
   Sonic, Eggman and the military square off in a three way battle for control of the seventh and final chaos emerald.

Excited Eggman

   Wow…just…wow…this episode is awesome start to finish. It’s an all out war with Sonic and Knuckles trying to rescue Chris, Rouge and Topaz trying to steal the chaos emeralds, Eggman trying to eliminate Sonic once and for all and the military, using their new weapons based on Eggman’s beetle robots, attempting to bring down Eggman’s ship. The whole episode is epic and easily the best of the series so far.

   There’s too much great stuff in this episode to get into it all, but we get to see several exciting firsts, Eggman’s ship transforms into the gargantuan, Megazord like, robot the Eggsterminator. Using the power of the six emeralds, the robot gives sonic a truly intense, vicious and fairly emotional pounding. Sonic really looks to be done for when the robot sends him flying into the sea with the final emerald.
   Then, when Rouge rescues Chris (who, in another highly emotive scene, managed to get the emeralds back from eggman) and accidentally drops the emeralds into the sea we get the grand finale.

   Two words…Super. Sonic.

Super Sonic

   That’s right, the climatic ending sees the TV debut of Sonic’s powered up super sayain form, who makes quick work of the Eggsterminator and defeats Eggman in an utterly awesome final fight.
   The episode ends with sonic thinking he’s about to return home, but in a twist, it is revealed that instead of sending the group back, a large chunk of their world (including the floating island) has been warped to earth. It’s a brilliant ending to an episode which finally delivers on the epic story and action we all want from this series.
   And it’s only going to get better…next episode, we begin the sonic Adventure arc…

Ep 27: Pure Chaos
   Part one of the sonic Adventure arc opens (as all great things should) with Big the Cat discovering his pal Froggy has swallowed a chaos emerald and grown a tail. Meanwhile, while sonic and friends relax under the impression they’ve beaten Eggman, we see the good Doctor launch his new line of E-100 robots and we get our first glimpse of the creature known as Chaos.

Big the Cat

   I assume most people will be unhappy to find big returning to the show (after a quick cameo in the first episode) but I couldn’t be happier, I know he’s a very divisive character among the Sonic fanbase but, I can’t help it, I love the big guy. I’m more than happy to see him represented outside of the games.
   As for the episode itself, up until the final action scene which sees Sonic and Knuckles battling Chaos who has already absorbed two emeralds, it’s a pretty slow one. It focuses on re-establishing the characters and I think that’s a good thing.
   While there’s not much real action until the end, I think it’s important that they took the time to build it up. The various hints to upcoming episodes give the impression that something huge is building up and we’re only seeing the calm before the storm. It’s a great opening chapter to one of my favourite arcs in the series.

Ep 28: A chaotic day
   Knuckles begins his quest to find the broken pieces of the master emerald while sonic and Tails do battle with Chaos 4.

   Another good episode though slightly less enjoyable than the previous chapter. We get to see Knuckles’ first flashback to the ancient Echidna tribe as well as a cute but slightly pointless flashback to an early adventure Tails had with Sonic.
   Basically more elements of Sonic adventure make themselves known, Knuckles hunts for the master emerald, we get a retelling of the lily pond boss battle with Chaos 4 and Amy meets the flicky carrying the chaos and is kidnapped by Zero.
   It’s enjoyable, but you’ll be left wanting a little more action.

Ep 29: A Robot Rebels
   This episode centres around E-102 Gamma’s change of allegiance as he turns against Eggman. I’ve long thought Gamma is one of the most interesting characters in the Sonic Universe, his arc in Sonic Adventure was my favourite of the bunch and I’ve always thought it was the story with the most dramatic plot and best character development.
   It’s a story that’s played out very well in this episode, all of the E-100 series bring back a frog to Eggman, when Eggman realises that Gamma has found the real Froggy, he orders that the other three robots be destroyed. Gamma witnesses Beta being dismantled and turns against Eggman, freeing Amy and the Flicky from prison.

The E100 series

   Meanwhile, Knuckles restores most of the Master Emerald, only one piece remains. We get another flashback to the Echidna tribe and witness Tikal pleading with chaos to help save them from invasion. I love how mysterious they manage to make the Echidna tribe, we’re drip fed information on them and constantly want more. It’s a plot element I think is handled really well.

   The episode ends with a fairly boring action scene that sees Tails, Knuckles  and Sonic fly the X-Tornado onto the egg carrier. It’s dull, but I guess there’s got to be some kind of action in the episode, ultimately though I’d have preferred if they’d used the final five minutes to give us a little more of Gamma’s story arc.

Ep 30: Heads up, Tails!
   Wow, a lot happens here…Gamma vs Sonic, Big and Chris rescuing froggy, Knuckles going back in time yet again and giving us our first glimpse of Perfect Chaos, Chaos becoming Chaos 6, Sonic and Knuckles defeating him, Knuckles getting back the six chaos emeralds and Tails rescuing Station Square by defusing a missile Eggman launches. Phew….that’s a lot of stuff for a twenty minute cartoon.

Gamma dies

   This is a great episode, it wraps up Big’s story arc and allows tails his finest moment, becoming the hero of Station Square. There’s just so much going on in this episode that it feels like a lot longer than it is, it’s action packed from start to finish but still manages to cram in a good amount of story, character development and even a few moments of humour to break the tension. It’s a good one. 

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