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Sonic X Part 9 - Episodes #41 - 45

Sonic X
Sonic X
Part 9 - Episodes #41 - 45

Ep 41: Eggman for President
   As angry mobs hunt down Sonic, Eggman reveals his true plan, hypnotising the population into voting Eggman in as president.
   This episode's a little dull, it sees Sonic uncover Eggman’s plan, battle with Knuckles who thinks Sonic is a villain and Mr Tanaka fly a spaceship to the Eggmoon to fix the problem. There’s too much going on and none of it’s really interesting.
   The end sees Eggman stopped and forced to flee. As he does, the gang appear in front of him with a series of questions that lead Eggman down a series of paths, either to freedom or into the arms of the law. It’s a really weird ending that comes out of nowhere and doesn’t fit in with anything else that happens in the episode.

   All in all a pretty weak finish to what was a pretty weak arc in the first place.

Ep 42: A date to forget
   Sonic stands Amy up on a date so she goes for a drive with Sam Speed instead.


   This episode is really weak, there’s a subplot about Eggman trying to breakout of prison and we get our first glimpse of Emerl, but for the most part it’s just Sam and Amy. There’s supposed to be some kind of character development on Amy’s behalf here but I’m not really sure what it is…at one point she’s driving as fast as Sonic, she realises why Sonic loves running so much and just…sorta forgives him for standing her up…I don’t get it…what’s the epiphany here?

Ep 43: Mean Machines
   The premise for this episode is just…weird….Sonic has become so popular that people have began imitating him. Running everywhere, sleeping on rooftops and even quitting their jobs so they’re able to lead Sonic’s nomadic lifestyle.
   This spate of people quitting their jobs leads to a lack of production workers in Chris’ Father’s factory, leading to thousands of complaints about the poor quality of his products.
   In prison, Eggman is given the job of fixing all the broken machines but he turns them into evil robots and escapes prison.

Hippie carver dude.

   Yeah….that’s what happens. It’s just weird. I don’t know what’s more odd, the image of Sonic battling evil vacuum cleaners and fridges or the idea of society basically crumbling because people love Sonic so much…as you can imagine, none of this really gels together and the episode’s a bit of a mess.
   There’s also some stuff about Emrl copying Sonic’s skills but frankly…I stopped paying attention…

Ep 44: The Sewer Search
   Another dull episode which sees Chris and his friends captured by Eggman and held captive in his base in the sewers.
   Mister Stewart’s cover is nearly blown which could have been aninteresting reveal but it’s not to be. Instead the kids just blindly accept his impressive breakout skills.

   Sonic spends the episode running around looking for Chris until the eventual battle in the sewers….it’s a weak one.

Ep 45: Prize Fight
   The president hosts a fighting tournament with a chaos emerald as the grand prize. Sonic and Co enter the tournament as well as some of Eggman’s cronies.

   This is supposed to be an adaptation of Sonic battle and while not perfect, it kinda makes sense. Not sure what else they could have done with an adaptation of a beat-em-up.
   This episode is actually pretty great. Despite a pretty silly premise, the plot gives plenty of opportunity for action and comedy. Several characters make a return for the tournament, including lucky, who keeps getting through due to circumstances outside the tournament like Decoe and Bocoe getting arrested. The presidents aid even enters disguised as the black night which is…actually pretty hilarious. Big the Cat has a match against Ella in the original Japanese episode, sadly, it got cut from the dub for some reason. A real shame seeing as it marks Big’s final appearance in the show…

   Overall, it’s an unexpected gem. An adaptation that you wouldn’t expect to work, but which does perfectly.

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