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Sonic X Part 4 - Episodes #16 - 20

Sonic X
Sonic X
Part 4 - Episodes #16 - 20

Ep 16: Depths of Danger
   When the gang head to the beach for a break, they discover evidence of a Chaos Emerald under the ocean.

Sexy Swimsuit

    This one’s not too great on the action front, just more of the same really, but there’s a lot of great funny moments, mostly centred around Sonic trying to find a way to get the emerald from under the water. The methods he uses to be able to hold his breath while walking along the sea bed are all pretty funny and give some good laughs. The rest of the episode is pretty standard stuff.

Ep 17: The adventures of Knuckles and Hawk
   Knuckles and new friend Hawk find a chaos emerald in a Japanese temple, but have to battle Eggman and a robotic ninja to keep hold of it.

   While the story in this one is pretty straight forward and the opportunity to learn a little more about Knuckles’ character is wasted, this episode is still pretty good. It has a decent amount of action and the ninja they fight acts more like one of our anthropomorphic heroes than a robot so the action isn’t the same old “Sonic s giant mech” stuff that we’ve seen so many times already.
   One thing I wish they’d made more use of is the Yakuza, Hawk gets in trouble with a gang who keep him in an underground prison cell, but once they escape the gang are never heard from again. You’d expect them to return for the episodes finale but they just vanish, missing an opportunity to have some human villains for a change.
   Despite that though, this is a good one.

Ep 18: The dam scam
   After crashing in the savannah, Chris and Tails must stop a group of Russians from building a dam and destroying theeco system. Meanwhile, Sonic deals with Eggman’s robot.

   This episode is awful, part robot of the week, part pointless filler story. The stuff with the dam just doesn’t make any sense. The Russians are building a dam in the middle of the dry savannah. They plan to start fires across the land to generate rain but Chris and Tails don’t know this so they’ve no reason to want the building stopped. Then there’s the fact that the Russians claim that the rain will flood the entire savannah meaning the dam wouldn’t work anyway…..maybe I’m over analysing this, but yeah, it sucks.
    The generic battle with the robot is incredibly unexciting too, there’s just nothing worth watching here.

   The only mildly interesting thing about the episode is that, technically, it’s Eggman who saves the day by threatening the Russians and getting them to abandon the dam project. Doesn’t stop Chris taking the credit for it though…

Ep 19: Sonic’s scream test
   The gang visit Chris’ mum on location for her new movie. Things get strange however, as they learn that the castle being used for filming is haunted.

Evil Amy

   This episode is pure nightmare fuel and I love it. It has a great atmosphere and some pretty creepy moments. Amy being possessed, her face changing to mimic the ghosts is brilliant. If you’re a Sonic fan, you’ve probably seen the image floating around the net at some point, it puts the Tails doll to shame.
   There are also some other great moments like the ghosts warping Sonic’s voice to make it sound like he’s  telling Amy he loves her and tricking her into freeing them is eerie and really well done.

   It’s also good to see some of the lesser known enemies from the sonic series make an appearance outside of the games, case in point here being King Boom Boo from Sonic Adventure 2.


   Overall, while this is really just another filler episode, it’s probably one of my favourite episodes in the series. It’s a welcome break from the norm and contains many of the most memorable moments in the series.

Ep 20: Cruise blues
   After their latest battle against Eggman, the group decide to relax and take a cruise, but Sonic doesn’t take well to being confined at sea.

  Another weak episode, this one sees the cast confined to a  ship at sea with nothing to do. The whole episode centres around how Sonic and Tails are bored as there’s nothing to do on the ship, but the effect of this is that the audience ends up bored too.
   There are a handful of funny moments, mainly centred around Sonic’s attempts to convince the others to end the cruise, but these are too few and far between.
    In an attempt to give the episode at least some scraps of a plot, Eggman reveals a new airbase (modeled after the starship enterprise) but this happens too late into the episode leading to a rushed battle with nothing of value to offer.

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