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Sonic X Part 3 - Episodes #11-15

Sonic X
Part 3 - Episodes #11-15

Ep 11: Fly Spy
   After committing a jewellery heist at museum, the government take note of Rouge the Bat’s range of skills and recruit her to launch an attack on Eggman’s base. Rouge agrees and forms an unexpected alliance with G.U.N. agent, Topaz.

Rouge and Topaz

   This was a really good episode that switched the focus away from Sonic and Chris. The usual gang do feature in the episode but in a much smaller way than usual. The main focus is all on Rouge, one of the more interesting and layered characters in the Sonic universe. We get a good mix of her villainous side as well as her good qualities making hero ne of the more rounded characters in the show.
   As well as all that good character stuff we’re also given a decent helping of action on the side as Rouge and Topaz do battle with Eggman’s robots. The episode also features some of the best visuals and animation in the series so far, even of they do reuse that one shot of Rouge performing her drill kick about twenty times.
   Easily among the most satisfying episodes of the  series so far.

Ep 12: Beating Eggman part 1
   It’s all go as Tails uncovers another Chaos emerald and G.U.N. launches an attack on Eggman’s base to bring him down once and for all.

   As the first of a two-parter this one feels a little slow but builds gradually into a suitably epic conclusion. The whole cast is involved in this one, Tails, Amy and Chris discover an emerald in a field and have to content with Eggman and one of his robots. While Eggman is distracted, G.U.N. launches an attack on chaos Control with Rouge and Topaz leading the ground force, with Knuckles stowing away on one of G.U.N.’s jets. The only person not really doing anything is…..Sonic…

Lazy Sonic

   This has been a major problem with the series up to this point, and sadly it’s one that continues as it goes on. For a show centred around Sonic, he hardly does anything to advance the plot. More often than not, an episode will open with him growing bored around the house and buggering off for a run around some mountain region somewhere. Meanwhile Tails and Chris get into whatever trap Eggman springs and wait patiently for Sonic to return home, find them missing and rush to save the day like the spiky little deus ex machina he is. It’s a huge flaw with the show and one of the things that got so many fans so angry at the program.

   It’s incredibly apparent in this episode because literally every other character is working their ass off to get the gang home. The result, is that the audience emphasises with pretty much every character but Sonic, he’s kind of unlikeable in this series….at least so far.
   Anyway, rant over, on with part 2….

Ep 13: Beating Eggman part 2
   The battle intensifies as all sides pull together to defeat Dr Eggman.

   …..aaaaaaannnnd…..Sonic saves the day, what else where you expecting? In a suitably epic conclusion to this two part episode, G.U.N. and our heroes work together to defeat Eggman and destroy his fortress. Sonic takes on the doctor one on one while Rouge, Knuckles and Topaz plant demolition charges in the control room.
    The action continually and believably ramps up, bigger and bigger robots stand in our heroes and the G.U.N. team find themselves trapped in a locked room with the demolition charges. It all feels like the last act of a video game, Eggman’s giant robot even being a suitable final boss. It’s an intense episode with a lot of action and a great watch. 

Victory over Eggman

Ep 14: That’s what friends are for
   The President’s Aide hosts a party to celebrate the victory over Eggman, but Sonic decides not to go.

   Definitly a filler episode, this one doesn’t have much going on. Sonic refuses to go to the party as he’s promised to take Chris’ friend Helen to an island she’s always wanted to see, but never has as her Father is always too busty at work. The president’s Aide then sends out a task force to drag him to the party.
   It’s pretty weak but the idea of sonic skipping such an important event to keep a promise to a little girl who has had too many promises broken in the past, is very sweet. Not a lot really happens in this one, but it’s a cute concept.

Ep 15: Skirmish in the sky
   Tails and Amy head to station square for some shopping but find themselves the centre of attention due to their newfound fame. Meanwhile, Eggman returns and attacks the city.

   A good episode with a lot of action, this one’s a lot of fun. It’s  good to see Eggman return (even if it has only been two episodes) and his attack in this episode feels particularly ruthless. He doesn’t launch a robot, instead he attacks the city himself with a massive battle station.
   We also see the return of Sam Speed in his first episode since sonic was revealed to be living with Chris. This could have led to an interesting confrontation but sadly, Sam doesn’t even mention his  rivalry with sonic, or the fact the Chris lied to him. A missed opportunity.
   The battle itself is pretty intense and there’s enough going on to keep you interested throughout. Not as awesome as the Defeating Eggman two-parter but still worth a watch.

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