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Sonic X Part 2 - Episodes #06 - 10

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Sonic X
Part 2 - Episodes #06 - 10

Ep 06: Techno-Teacher
   Eggman sends a robot teacher to Chris’ school in order to indoctrinate his class and make them love Dr Eggman…it’s weird…

   Not your average robot of the week episode, this one’s a lot slower paced. There are a lot of really strange things in this episode, the robot just walks into class and takes over and the school principle just accepts this. He even encourages Mr Stewart to sit in and take notes, there’s also a weird running joke about Mr Stewart stealing a burger from a police man.
   The robot keeps the whole class back for detention, a problem for Chris as his parents are in town for one night and he has to get home to see them.

   If this is all sounding like a bit of a jumble, there’s a reason for that. This episode is a mess. It’s a blatant filler episode, nothing of any real value is present and you could skip the episode entirely without missing anything, hell, even Sonic seemingly couldn’t be arsed with it and makes only the briefest of appearances towards the end.
   I’d give it a miss.

Ep 07: Party Hardly
   Chris’ mum decides to host a party which Mr Stewart decides to attend.

   This is a pretty slow one, Eggman doesn’t even make an appearance. This is a good thing though as the change of pace allows for a little bit of character building. We get to see how much Cream is missing her mother back home as well as getting some info on how Chris’ mum feels about leaving home all the time.
   Despite the much needed time with the characters, this isn’t a great episode. It still feels a bit like filler and feels really slow. That said, the character development is incredibly welcome.

Ep 08: Satellite Swindle
  Eggman uses a massive robot to rob satellites from the Earth’s orbit to use to build new machines. When the Tornado is damaged during an initial assault with the robot, Tails is forced to make some adjustments.

Dizzy Eggman

   Again, this one feels like filler (how long ‘til that Sonic Adventure adaptation?), yet another robot of the week episode and given that the robot is little more than a giant vacuum it’s not even much of a dramatic battle.
   Sadly it’s another one I’d say to skip unless you’re desperate to watch the whole series.

Ep 09: The Last Resort
   Chris attends a swanky opening for a new beach resort while Amy, Cream and Tails enjoy a break at a nearby cove. Things go awry however, when Eggman attacks the gala.

   A surprisingly good episode, this one offers up a little glimpse of Amy’s character. We see her love for Sonic played out in more detail and we also get a few hints that Sonic might actually care for her two. When Amy gives Sonic the bracelet she has made for him, the two share a sweet little moment (which is of course promptly interrupted by an attacking robot, what can you do?)
   It’s more bot of the week rubbish, but the time dedicated to the characters is very welcome and very enjoyable.

Ep 10: Unfair Ball
   When Tails finds a chaos emerald in a sports stadium, Eggman challenges the gang to a game of baseball with the emeralds as the prize.

Baseball Eggman
   You guessed it, another filler episode but at least this is a fun one, the best thing about this episode is probably Knuckles. While the rest of the group are engaged in a plotline that wouldn’t seem out of place in AoStH, Knuckles is the only one who pipes up and makes a point of how ridiculous the idea of playing Eggman at baseball really is. It’s a fun little moment and a piece of logic that you wouldn’t expect from an episode like this.
   Couple that with some enjoyable (if predictable) cheating from Eggman’s team and you’ve got a pretty decent episode. 

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