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The Top 5 Moustaches in Animation

Now that we're men...
The Top 5 Moustaches in Animation
    I must admit, this month I have been neglecting this blog slightly. The reason for this is that over the course of this month I have been making a video blog every day on my youtube channel to help promote my involvement in Movember.
   So today, in order to bring a little Movember love to talesfromiDEATH I thought today we’d talk a little about moustaches, specifically those memorable moustaches that have graced our favourite animated movies and TV shows.
   So here it is, my top 5 moustaches in animation, remember, this is all opinion so your list will be a lot different from mine. Be sure to join in in the comments if there’s anything you’d change on the list.

   So let’s get started, our number 5 is…..

Inspector Clamp Grosky
5. Inspector Clamp Grosky
    The inspector Layton series has brought us many memorable moments but it has also brought us many memorable moustaches. The series boasts perhaps the largest and most unique library of NPC facial hair in gaming but the best of the bunch has to be Inspector Clamp Grosky of Scotland Yard.

   While perhaps not the most impressive moustache in the series, Grosky’s facial fuzz is great because of what it represents. Inspector Grosky is so delightfully overly manly. From his grand majorly voice to his barrel chest bursting with hair everything about him screams Manly. He even manages to make a pompadour seem awesome.
   His every action is over the top, the Professor Layton movie sees him swimming to land from the middle of the ocean, beating up sharks with every stroke. 
   His perfectly groomed moustache is just the icing on the cake.  

Hulkamania is runnin' wild BROTHER!!!
4. Hulk Hogan
  In the 80’s Hulk Hogan was the biggest star on earth. Wrestling fan or not, everybody knew who he was. Even today, when asked his name, most people would be able to tell you who he is, so it’s probably no surprise that in 1985 he was given his own cartoon series, Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling.

   The series featured Hogan and several other WWF superstars, including Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka as a bunch of good and bad wrestlers (named the faces and heels), getting up to all sorts of wacky shenanigans. Was it any good?..well…no…but this isn’t a list of great cartoons, this is a list of great moustaches and Hulk Hogan’s iconic handlebar definitely fits into that category.

Say your prayers, take your vitamins and grow your moustaches
   In real life, it’s among the most famous moustaches of all time, so I couldn’t leave it’s cartoon counterpart off this list. Hulk Hogan, we salute you BROTHER!!!

3. Ned Flanders
   Possibly the nicest character in all animation, it’s impossible not to love Homer Simpson’s god loving, sweater wearing, moustachioed neighbour.

   Flanders has been a part of the Simpsons from the very first episode and over the course of the series has been the lead character in several episodes, perhaps most notably one which sees him move to Humbletown Pennsylvania to escape Springfield. The town is idyllic and seems perfect for Ned apart from one thing, the residents want Ned to shave off his moustache, which he refuses.
   That’s right, Ned would rather lose his place in a utopia than his neatly groomed facial fuzz, that’s dedication.

Ding dang diddly do you even lift?
   Plus, for a meek, mild mannered Christian, Ned Flanders is built like a tank. Proof, if proof were needed, that moustaches give you super powers.

Dr Robotnik
2. Dr Robotnik/Eggman
   Yeah yeah, we all knew this was coming. As a Sonic fan, how could I not put Dr Robotnik on this list? The blue blur’s arch nemesis sports a moustache so large that it often grows wider than his own shoulders and considering the Doctor’s impressive girth that’s quite an achievement.

   Now, as this is a list of moustaches from cartoons I can’t include Eggman’s game incarnation on this list, luckily the Sonic series has been adapted to animation on five separate occasions, so which one will I choose?

AOSTH Robotnik
   Well, there’s the Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog look which differs greatly from the game design, while it’s one of my favourite versions of the character and the moustache has a good thickness and length, it’s a little too scruffy for my liking.

SatAM robotnik
   The satAM and underground looks are pretty similar and both have moustaches that are just too thin for inclusion on this list.

dr Eggman
   Sonic X sticks close to the game design but once again, is just too scruffy.

sonic the movie
   So the award of second place goes to Robnotnik from the Sonic OVA, his design sticks close to the original games and the moustache is wide, thick and perfectly sculpted. Mix it up with a eggshell blue tuxedo and you’ve got one of the best groomed characters in animation.

Nigel Thornberry
1. Nigel Thornberry
   And last but not least, the smashing ‘stache sported by wildlife documentary legend Nigel Thornberry.
   You know you’ve got a great character when they’re a supporting character but still manage to steal the show every episode. Nigel Thornberry is definitely that character.
   With his safari suit, goggle eyed expression and eccentric catchphrases, Nigel became one of the most memorable characters in the NickToons canon.

   Nigel Thornberry’s moustache is perfect for his character and really helps to solidify his role as the clichéd safari explorer. Without it, he just wouldn’t be the same.

Make me look smashing
   In recent years, Nigel has made his way back into the public conscience through meme culture, introducing a whole new generation of kids to the character and ensuring that his moustache, is not forgotten.

 ...and that's us. I hope you enjoyed this list, be sure to leave a comment below if you think there's anyone I've missed. Plus, if you want to help support my Movember campaign, you can do so through my Mospace page at

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