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Top 5 Breaking Bad moments

Breaking Bad
Top 5 Breaking Bad Moments

Breaking Bad is finished and the saga of Walter White has drawn to a close. The show was perhaps the most perfectly written piece of television I’ve ever come across. Bold, daring and constantly unpredictable it gave us a host of brilliant characters, not one of whom were stereotypical and a story that will be fondly remembered for years to come.

These are my top 5 moments from the whole series, I’ve changed my mind twenty times while writing this list and tried to get a good grasp of both the serious drama and brilliant comedy the series provided. It won’t match everybody’s list I’m sure so besure to let me know your favourite moments in the comments.
Also I should mention THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS!! Don’t read it unless you’ve watched the whole series.
For those that have however, my top five continues after the page break.

5: I am the one who knocks

   Over the course of Breaking Bad we get to see Walter White transformed from family loving Chemistry teacher to full blown psychotic drug baron Heisenberg. While there are many moments along that way that show us how much Walter is changing, perhaps one of the most obvious is the “I am the danger” speech.
   After Skyler learns of the death of Walt’s partner Gale she worries that the family is in danger. She urges Walt to turn himself in but he refuses and launches into his cold cruel monologue where he confirms to Skyler that he was responsible for Gale’s death.
   It’s a shocking moment, no matter what Walt had done up to that point we were able to at least hide behind the fa├žade that he did it for his family. However, Walt’s aggression towards Skyler during this scene and the hint of revelry in his voice, show us that the character we loved and rooted for is dead. Walter White has crossed into the dark side and there’s no coming back.

4: Mike’s ear

   Mike Ehrmantraut was easily one of my favourite characters in the series. His ability to stay calm and collected regardless of how much danger he finds himself in, mixed with his love for his granddaughter and Jesse make him at once a warm lovable character and a terrifying one. You get the feeling that you could be best friends with Mike, but if you say or do the wrong thing…you’re dead.

   My favourite Mike moment has to be when he gets shot in the ear. He is riding in the back of a Los Pollos Hermanos truck when it is run off the road by the cartel. When the cartel open fire on the truck Mike calmly lies down and waits for the firing to stop. He then kills the cartel members and heads to their car to get away. At the car he removes his hat to learn his ear has been hit by a bullet. Without wincing he examines the wound then visibly tuts.
   He goes through a life threatening ordeal, taking an injury and reacts with as much emotion as you’d expect of someone who’s just dropped their toast butter side down on the carpet. Mike’s bad ass!

3: Wire!

   Come on…how do you not love that?

2: Look upon my works ye mighty and despair 

   Ozymandias is perhaps the greatest single episode of the whole series and definitely among the most important. It sees Walt shattered, as all his work comes to nothing. Hank and Gomie are dead and the Aryan brotherhood have walked off with Jesse and six barrels of Walt’s money.
   Returning home he finds that his son has learned about the meth and is attacked by Skyler. Walt Jr. phones the police and Walt is forced to flee using Saul’s contact to help him disappear.

   After five seasons of following Walt as he builds his empire, the dark turns he takes, mistakes he makes and the lives he ruins and ends along the way, here we finally get to see that it was all for nothing. That he has failed. His attempts to help his family have done nothing but hurt them, caused divides, wounds that will not heal. His wife no longer loves him, his son turns against him and his daughter will grow up never knowing him. It is a hard thing to see for an audience that was once so in love with Walt, who have grown to hate him. At once we are happy he has not been allowed to win and devastated that no good at all has come of all he has done. We look at the crumbling works of Walter White and despair.

1: I guess I got what I deserved

   Finishing a series that is so universally adored as Breaking Bad is no easy task. Not only does everybody have their own dream scenario for the ending but the Breaking Bad fanbase was also divided into two groups, those who remained on Walt’s side no matter what he did and those who wanted to see him suffer for his crimes. It could have so easily finished poorly, but it didn’t. The final episode of Breaking Bad was amazing.
   From Walt’s surprising encounter with Gretchen and Elliot to his dramatic final shootout with the Aryan Brotherhood it was perfect on every count.
   Perhaps the best and most tragic moment, was his final meeting with Skyler, his last moments with Holly asleep in her crib and a fleeting glance of Walt Jr. as he gets off the school bus and heads into the house. The full stop at the end of the story started in the Ozymandias episode. We get to see one last glimpse of the Walter White we cheered for in the beginning, the family man who wants nothing but to protect and care for those he loves.
   He rescues Jesse from his slavery to the Aryan brotherhood and allows him to drive away, perhaps the only character with a chance at a fresh start. Finally he retreats to Todd’s meth lab where he collapses from a bullet wound and dies surrounded by the last remnants of his legacy.

The soul?...there's nothing but chemistry here...
   The finale closes many doors, tying off many loose ends but leaving just enough open for us to continue to speculate. It was easily the greatest finish to a TV show I’ve ever seen. One that left you wanting more, but happy with what you’d been given.
   In the end, Walt got what he deserved and the fans got the ending that they deserved too.

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