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Filmish  Comic Book Essays on Film Theory
Comic Book Essays on Film Theory
Edward Ross

   Filmish is a series of short comics written and illustrated by Edinburgh based artist Edward Ross, each issue presents the reader with a brief but well considered essay on various aspects of film theory.
   While at the MCM expo in Glasgow last week I had the chance to pick up three of the four issues, the initial issue which includes, among other things, an essay on Cinema’s obsession with monsters as well as issues dealing with food on film and technology and Technophobia.

   Each issue sees Ross himself engage directly with the reader as he reads off his essay; there are also cutaways to various scenes from films as well as funny parodies of certain scenes. This presentation works brilliantly and helps get across a subject, which could be boring to many, in a fun and engaging way.
   I for one am a massive film fan and love the intricacies of Film theory so these books were a perfect blend of the two worlds for me.
   Ross’ art is bold and distinctive and lends itself well to being manipulated to mimic the various films it references.

A page from the food on film issue
   The essays themselves are well written and informative, my personal favourite being the Technology and Technophobia issue which deals with the irony of Cinema as a medium dependent on technological advancement for survival, but one which constantly paints a picture of technology as a curse on the human race, referencing films as The Terminator and Tetsuo the Iron Man, along the way. 

   Ross is clearly a man with a great depth of knowledge of his subject matter, he quotes heavily from countless books on the subject and racks up an impressive list of titles for reference. I consider myself to be very knowledgeable about film but each of these issues still left me with a huge list of films I hadn’t even heard of, inspiring me to seek them out. 

   If you’re a film or comic fan, I’d definitely recommend you pick these comics up. Each issue can be purchased from at a great price. I truly hope that Ross continues with the series and that Issue 2 of the series (Sets and architecture) goes back into print. It’s a series I’ll definitely continue to pick up. 
Edward Ross

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