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Y: The Last Man Vol 3: One Small Step

Y: The Last Man  Vol 3
Y: The Last Man
Vol 3: One Small Step
Brian K. Vaughn, Pia Guerra, Jose Marzan Jr. & Paul Chadwick

   This volume could be looked at as a bit of a shark jump, and to be honest, it kind of is but I think the full shark jump comes a little later.
This volume sees our heroes attempt to help a shuttle land from the international space station which contains two living males, unaffected by the plague due to their time in space.
   It’s a storyline that kinda fits in with the overall narrative without too much of a leap of faith, but the idea that the one man on earth would learn about the two men left in space is a little too big of a coincidence.

   Around this time in the story, the focus shifts a little too much in favour of large scale storylines rather than more intimate dramas. It’s a personal preference, but I’d like a lot more of the latter. For a series set in the “real world” it continues to get farther and farther removed from reality. 
   Having the characters meet groups of women struggling to cope with the new world order would feel natural, but continually bombarding them with storylines involving spacemen and secret agents and elite soldiers, stretches the series too far into incredulity.

Alas poor Yorick
   There’s a small two parter at the end of the book that fits more into what I’d like for the series. It tells the story of a small theatre company putting on plays in exchange for food and to entertain people who have found themselves without any form of relief since the plague hit. It’s much smaller in scale and helps illustrate the day to day struggles facing the survivors. It feels much more personal and is far more effective than any story involving astronauts can ever be. 

Brian K. Vaughan

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