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Y: The Last Man Vol 2: Cycles

Y: The Last Man  Vol 2: Cycles
Y: The Last Man
Vol 2: Cycles
Brian K. Vaughn, Pia Guerra & Jose Marzan Jr.

   Now that the story’s in full swing the pace picks up a little in this volume. Yorick, 355 & Dr Mann get a ride on a train to California but are thrown off by bandits. Yorick is discovered by a young woman and taken back to her home in a small town turned into a small utopia following the plague.

   This is perhaps the most enjoyable arc out of what I’ve read of the series. There’s a good heap of drama, with 355 injured and the eventual attack on the town by the amazons, (a group of radical women who have been burning down sperm banks after the plague in a final attempt to be rid of the patriarchy) without ever going too far.
   The following volumes contain a little too much things like, secret agents, spacemen and ninjas to feel real. This arc is much smaller and tackles the effects of the plague on a much smaller stage and that’s when the series is at its best.
   The drama here is much more human, Yorick falls for the girl who rescues him and he has to deal with the fact that he cheats on his girlfriend Beth with her. He is also forced to deal with the betrayal he feels upon learning his sister Hero has joined the amazons. These are believable scenarios and far more enjoyable to read than a lot of what’s to follow.

Victoria and Hero
   Without spoiling anything, this book sees the end of Victoria’s arc which is a real shame. Victoria is one of the most interesting characters of the early series, the leader of the amazons, she represents feminism at its most radical but as her story progresses we get the impression that she’s not so much radical as she’s simply insane. Her cultish mix brutality and sensitivity is brilliant and ending her arc here feels like a waste. I can’t help she had so much more to give the series.

   This is a great story, one that works as a stand alone story more than most of the other volumes. If you were unsure of the series after part one I’d definitely at least give this one a go.

Brian K. Vaughan

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