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Awkward Situations For Men

Awkward Situations for Men
Awkward Situations For Men
Danny Wallace

And a man is a very tricky thing to be these days."

Awkward Situations For Men is a collection of articles Danny Wallace wrote for a UK publication called ShortList. I was really happy when I found out this book existed. I really enjoy the column but sadly I don’t get the chance to read it half as often as I’d like. (ShortList is a free paper given out in the bigger train stations in the UK, I’m not in those stations often, thus, no ShortList).

The articles are basically short anecdotes of events that occur in Wallace’s day to day life, documenting awkward situations he gets himself into, awkward conversations with friends, awkward faux-pas’ he makes and….well…awkward things.

Usually, collections like this are a mixed bag. The writer has to come up with something every week and often ends up retreading the same areas and putting out dull pieces. Wallace does a great job of avoiding this. There are some articles that aren’t as funny as others but, genuinely, I enjoyed every one of them.
Each article is enjoyable, pretty much every one eliciting a laugh and the situations are very believable and more importantly, very relatable.

More than once during this book I breathed a sigh of relief, thankful of the confirmation that I wasn’t the only one who has to endure these scenarios. The article where he is walking behind a woman in the street at night and worries he might be seen as a threat and the article where he meets an acquaintance in the street and makes them miss their train forcing him to endure several minutes of unbearably awkward conversation. I’ve experienced situations like these far more often that I’d like to admit and I laughed so much reading someone else’s version of these moments.

Awkward situations for men is a brilliant collection. Every article is relatable, modest and funny.
Come on, if the only bad thing you can say about a book is that some of the articles are “only mildly” amusing, then it’s got to be a good one.
I loved this book and I can’t wait to read the follow up, I’d  urge you to pick it up yourselves.
Danny Wallace and his digitalalter ego from Assasin's Creed

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