Thursday, 25 April 2013

Mick Foley - Tales from wrestling past

Mick Foley

Tales from wrestling past

I have to admit. When I first discovered that my favourite pro wrestler of all time had turned his hand to stand up comedy, I was sceptical. It’s understandable right? I mean, stand up is notoriously difficult; the idea of a celebrity, a wrestler, trying to jump into the fray seemed a risky move. As it turns out, after seeing his show at the Fringe last year, I had no reason to be concerned.
Mick Foley, perhaps best known to most for his Mankind and Cactus Jack wrestling personas, shed his ring gear and slipped into his new role as seamlessly as he has done in the past with his writing career and brief spat of acting roles.

Foley returned to Scotland this year with shows in both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

After a great but brief opening set from fellow Wrestler/Comedian Billy Kirkford (one to look out for), Foley came on stage to his entrance music, shook his head, walked off stage and came back to the frustratingly catchy tune that accompanies Fandango to the ring. Any show that can kick off my getting an entire Glasgow audience to sing along to ChaChaLaLa is a show worth seeing.

The show focused on more Foley’s stories about his days on the road with the WWE than it did on his more traditional stand up material, sharing anecdotes of DDP, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, HHH and more. He touched on his recent induction to the WWE hall of fame and of course the infamous Hell in the Cell match against the Undertaker.
Compared to last years fringe show, the set felt more polished. Foley has clearly spent the last year honing his act. Trimming the fat from an already fun and hilarious show and coming out with something even better.

The show was followed by a Q&A section which saw Foley answer several questions from the fans with a lot of honesty and heart. It also had sides splitting as he played Kurt Angle’s infamous “you suck” entrance music as a fan dared to ask the dreaded question “Did it hurt when the undertaker threw you off the cell”.

I’m gonna steal the now famous quote that “If you’re a wrestling fan you’ll love it and if you’re not you’ll like it”. It seems as apt as it did a year ago, this is always gonna appeal mostly to the wrestling crowd but those dragged along by their wrestling loving friends and partners are still gonna find something to laugh at.

If you’re a wrestling fan, Mick Foley’s show is a blast and an absolute must see if he comes to your town.

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