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Sonic Underground Episodes #31-35

Sonic Underground
Episodes #31-35

Ep31: Country Crisis
The hedgehogs must unite two warring groups of freedom fighters to help stop Robotnik building a dam which threatens to destroy both groups homes.
Bit of a disappointing episode to follow up the chaos emerald trilogy but it’s decent enough.
A little too long is spent on the reasons the two groups are at war and the inevitable union between the two. In fact the whole union plot feels a little unnecessary, the episode could simply have been the Sonic Underground destroying the dam and still worked just as well, especially since the Hedgehogs destroy the dam without much real help from the freedom fighters anyway.

Song: How you play the game
A decent country number with a pretty awesome guitar riff. The hedgehogs sing in acorny southern accent though which the song could do without.

Ep32: Haircraft in space
Robotnik uses a robotic beautician to record conversations with her clients and find out what the citizens of Mobius are saying about him behind his back. Sonia accidently tells it the location of the freedom fighters secret base and the hedgehogs must rescue the robot before robotnik can get his hands on the information.
This is actually quite an enjoyable episode but I’m not entirely sure why. The story’s pretty small in scale and the character of the Do-bot (as in hairdo, geddit?) is incredible annoying, so much soin fact that sonic and Manic, in an oddly uncharacteristic move, willingly give it up to Robotnik simply because it won’t shut up.
There’s a pretty funny moment in the episode where bartelby blabs to the robot that “Excellent” is the only superlative that Robotnik knows and later in the episode we see Robotnik deliberately trying not to use it, “Excellen-...I mean…Very good”

Song: Don’t be a backstabber
I loved this one, it’s got a great beat, somewhat similar to a prince song or someone like that. Even the vocals are awesome and the song, while it has a pretty cheesy message, conveys this message pretty effectively.

Ep33: Healer
A mysterious figure unveils he has created a de-roboticiser and invites the gentry to come to a demonstration. It turns out that the machine is a fake and the man is scamming the gentry into parting with cash to be made immune.
This is a good episode and one that I’ve seen quite a few times on various dvd releases. The plot is good and hints at some depth in the characters as Sonia longs to use the machine to free Lady Windermere.
There are also some funny (read, creepy) moments as Dingo is transformed into a fly, lands on Sonia’s  head and starts hugging her hair follicles.

Song: We’re the Sonic Underground
Not to be confused with the similarly titled “We are Sonic Underground” from the episode mummy dearest. While that one was ear-clawingly awful, this one is completely awesome. A pounding rock song with an uplifting  “Down with Robotnik” message. This one deserves a listen.

Ep34: Sonia’s Choice
Robotnik captures Sonic and Manic and gives Sonia the choice to save one of them. It’s one of those clich├ęd plots you’ve seen a million times before (the two hedgehogs will be roboticized at the same time but they’re on opposite sides of the city, there’s not enough time to save both yadda yadda yadda).
These kind of plots work because they cause internal conflict within the character forced to make the choice.
The problem here is that the choice comes far too late into the episode for the conflict to have time to grow. The choice is presented with three or four minutes to go in the episode so the problem is wrapped up all too quickly and it is massively unsatisfying.

Song: Never Easy
A solo song from Sonia that’s got an incredibly cheesy muzak melody. It feels like it should be put over the end credits of some awful American soap opera.

Ep35: The Big Melt
Robotnik plans to melt the polar icecaps, the hedgehogs arrive to try and stop him but get separated. Sonia stumbles upon a village of penguins who mistake her for Queen Sauna, who a prophecy claims while arrive and melt the ice.
This episode is a bit of a jumble, it starts off with a group of Freedom fighter Polar bears discovering Robotnik’s plan but after that they’re nowhere to be seen. The whole Queen Sauna thing is a complete waste of time and has absolutely nothing to do with the plot. It’s an enjoyable enough episode, just incredibly inconsequential.

Also the opening seems oddly similar to the opening of Sonic the Movie.

Song: Fun in the Sun
A great summery surf rock song. Worth a listen purely for Manic’s beach boys style falsetto vocals.

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