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Sonic Underground Episodes #26-30

Sonic Underground
Episodes #26-30

Ep26: The hedgehog in the iron mask
The hedgehogs rescue a prisoner trapped in a tower by Robotnik. He tells them he is their uncle but it is a trick by Robotnik to split up the group.
I loved this episode, it’s one of the few that add a bit of psychology to the series. Luke Perrywinkle (The actor forced by robotnik to pretend to be the hedgehogs Uncle) tells them that when they win the war against Robotnik, only on of the three siblings can be ruler of Mobius. This causes a rift between the hedgehogs as each one thinks they are the best candidate for the job.
Sadly (and perhaps predictably) this element goes disappears from the episode far too quickly after the hedgehogsare individually captured by Robotnik.
Despite that however, this is a great episode, even if Luke Perrywinkle is one of the most hideous hedgehog designs you’ll ever see.
Song: Part of the problem
Another one of those tracks that you know you should hate, it’s cheap, it’s cheesy, whiney, it should suck….yet…..I dunno, I kinda like it. What can I say, I’m a sucker for the music in this show. 

Ep27: Six is a crowd
Great, another alternate universe episode, you know how much I love those.
In this instance, the oracle transports the hedgehogs to a world where the hedgehogs are despotic rulers and Robotnik leads the resistance against them.
They break into the palace and confront their evil counterparts then take them on a tour of Mobotropils to show how much they’ve lain it to waste.
Basically I have the same issues with this that I had with the previous alternate world episode, they offer opportunity for action but they’re utilised extremely poorly and leave the characters with no lessons learnt, just another adventure ticked off.
It just feels redundant, another half arsed filler episode.

Song: I can do that for you
A rotten, 80’s sounding pop song with a really weird video. Sonic running around with giant chilli dogs, throwing them at children…..good robotnik dancing……yeah….

Ep28: Flying fortress (Chaos emerald crisis part 1)
Part one of a cool three parter (My dvd calls it Chaos emerald Chaos, but I’ve also seen it called the flying fortress saga).
In part 1, Robotnik builds a large spherical flying fortress powered by a chaos emerald, I suppose it’s intended to be the series’ answer to the Death egg. In fact there’s definitely something to the idea that this game is based on Sonic 3 as Sonic teams up with knuckles to take down the fortress.
We also meet Knuckles’ grandfather Athair who warns him (in a cheesy Sean Connery voice) not to help Sonic, but to stay on the floating island.

This is an awesome episode with a serious tone absent from far too much of the series. In the end the fortress is destroyed, not by Sonic or Knuckles but by Sleet who steals the emerald and betrays Robotik,hinting at awesome episodes to come in parts two and three.

Song: No one is an island
An enjoyable reggae tune, if you can get past the stereotypical Jamaican accents. It’s catchy but the connection between Knuckles  and Jamaica has always bugged me…what? Is it because he has dreadlocks? Never cared for it. 

Ep29: No hedgehog is an island (Chaos emerald crisis part 2)
In the wake of the events of the previous episode, Sleet and Dingo escape the fortress with the chaos emerald. Sleet reveals he plans to use it to rule mobius but Dingo steals it from him with intent to rule himself.
As he parachutes off their escape pod however, he drops the emerald shattering it and unleashing the energy contained within. This leads to all sorts of problems as the energy causes chaos all across Mobius, earthquakes spilt the ground and trees burst into the air like rockets.
There’s a real sense of danger in this episode, somewhat similar to the final episodes of SatAM, the tone is dark and gripping. These episodes are easily among the best in the series.
The cliff hanger in this one especially is just awesome, with knuckles accepting his grandfather’s advice and joining forces with Robotnik.

Song: Learn to overcome
An awesome punk song that sounds suspiciously like a Ramones cover of the classical piece Canon in D. This is a great one though, catchy and punchy.

Ep30: New Echidna in town (Chaos emerald crisis part 3)
Knuckles agrees to hand over the hedgehogs to Robotnik in exchange for his help. This alliance doesn’t last long however as he quickly realises that Robotnik can’t be trusted.
They track down Dingo and almost get the emerald but Sleet transforms him into a safe and locks the emerald inside. This goes wrong however and the emerald mutates Dingo into a massive monster who reeks havoc on the environment, and that’s when it hit me.
Robotnik building a flying fortress, the chaos emerald being shattered, a monster that evolves as it takes absorbs chaos emeralds….is this….a Sonic Adventure adaptation?
It makes sense, as I mentioned in my intro to the series, Underground was created to revitalise interest in Sonic ahead of the dreamcast launch. A sonic adventure adaptation doesn’t seem out of the question.

Whether it is or not, this is a great conclusion to a great three parter. Easily among the best moments of the series. It’s just brilliant, even if you detest this series (as I know a lot of people do) I’d recommend you watch these three episodes.
In fact it’s so good, I would have happily had it be the series finale. It offers a great closing point to the show, nevermind though, I’m sure the ten episodes that follow will take the arc’s lead and be equally great….right?.....right?

Song: The mobius stomp
A pretty disappointing one, it’s by no means a bad song, but it doesn’t live up to the standards of the previous two in the three parter.

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