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Sonic Underground Episodes #21-25

Sonic Underground
Episodes #21-25

Ep21: When in Rome
Losing confidence in their abilities, the triplets contact the oracle who transports them to an alternate reality where Sleet is the emperor of a Rome-like city. He captures the trio and forces them to work in the gladiatorial games.
Frankly this episode reeks of filler, I suppose there’s supposed to be some lesson here for the hedgehogs. They lose their powers and are forced to use their natural abilities to prevail but it all feels pretty inconsequential.
At the end of the episode even Sonic asks, “What was the point of all this?” if even the cast have trouble getting the point of an episode then you know you’ve failed.

Song: Where there’s a will there’s a way
This one is a funk/rap song that sounds oddly similar to “play that funky music white boy”…
This is one you’ll either love or hate, for me it kinda falls into the. So bad it’s good, category.

Ep22: The jewel in the crown
The triplets swipe a jewel from Sleet and Dingo that is  believed to be the jewel from queen  Aleena’s crown. Legend says that the jewel glows the closer it gets to the queen.
It turns out to be a mistake though as  the jewel is a fake and is part of a plan by Queen Aleena to lure Robotnik into a trap.
This episode itself isn’t all that great but the elements of the story make it quite an important one. The fact that Aleena hatches the plan shows that she’s actually doing something to help her children other than appearing mysteriously from shadowy alleys. She’s actively participating in the battle against Robotnik. Also, the fact that the sonic underground blow the plan, shows that they’re not infallible and that they make mistakes. It actually serves to humanise them a bit rather than just have them constantly come out on top.

Song: The cosmic dance
A near unlistenable synth pop song with an Arabian feel. The hedgehog’s nasally vocals will shread your ear canals.

Ep23: Three hedgehogs and a baby
Robotnik builds a robot baby hedgehog (basically a  glorified nanny cam with cameras for eyes) and leaves it for the hedgehogs to find hoping they will take it to sanctuary.
This is a decent episode, no easy feat when dealing with baby characters. Hip (as manic names him) manages to stay out the way enough to not hamper the episode and there are a few  decent comedy scenes as robotnik watches the video feed bored half to death by Manic’s banal antics with the baby.
If comedy’s not your thing then the episode also has enough action to sate your appetites. It’s a good one.

Song: Being a kid is cool
I really shouldn’t like this…yet….
It’s quite a catchy tune and the lyrics are half decent, there’s a kind of edu-tainment vibe coming off this one, like something the Wiggles might sing.

Ep24: Dunesday
The hedgehogs head into the desert to find Ifucan, the leader of a nomadic tribe who has previously escaped robotnik’s prison.
Sonic joins the tribe to gain their favour but Manic is suspicious of Ifucan. He learns that Ifucan is partly roboticised and some of the fellow tribe members drag him out to the desert to keep the secret safe.
Frankly, by this point the plot of the hedgehogs meeting a potential ally who may be working for Robotnik is starting to wear a little thin. As a viewer you’ll spend the first half of the episode waiting for the painfully obvious reveal (you can see Ifucan is roboticised the first time he appears on screen) and the secong half waiting for the problem to be resolved.
This episode gives a slight twist in that Ifucan, is actually a good guy but it’s so small a difference it’s hardly worth commenting on. Basically, if you feel like you’ve seen it all before…it’s because you have, about five times already.

Song: True blue friend
A song so overwhelmingly bland that now, less than two minutes after hearing it, I’ve already forgotten what it sounded like. Not a good one.

Ep25: Mummy Dearest
The triplets steal a scroll from Robotnik that leads them to the ancient temple of their ancestor Aman-Rapi. Actually he’s only described as Sonic’s ancestor, which makes no sense as the three hedgehogs are siblings.
The episode is decent, with the temple booby traps making for some decent action scenes, however it has possibly the worst instance of shoehorning in a song that you’ll see in the series.
They awaken Aman-Rapi who tells them he will give them the scroll they seek on one condition. Sonic volunteers expecting a dangerous test or something similar and is instead met with.
“You must…….sing me a song”
The ending is also completely inconsequential making this one yet another pointless filler episode.

Song: We are Sonic Underground
My ears….help……I think they’re bleeding……

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