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Sonic Underground Episodes #16-20

Sonic Underground
Episodes #16-20

Ep16: Artifact
Robotnik auctions off what he believes to be artifacts from an ancient mobian culture but which are actually bombs, the hedgehogs must try to get one back from Bartelby.
This is another awesome episode with a great plot. There’s enough action running through and any episode to feature a lot of Bartelby can only be a good thing, I’ve not spoken much about Bartelby here but frankly he’s one of the best characters in the series with his drawling voice and overly pompous personality, he’s a real treat.
There’s also a surprisingly dark moment where Manic’s street connection rats the hedgehogs out to Sleet. He demands payment for the information and Sleet roboticises him instead, it’s pretty grim.

Song: You can’t own everything
An awesome grungy punky song, the lyrics are overly blatent but it’s still a kick ass tune.

Ep17: Bug!
The third great episode in a row, Bug sees Robotnik create swarms of robot flies with mind control serum built into them. Manic gets stung by one and temporarily becomes a spy for Robotnik.
This episode is brilliant, mostly for it’s humour, Manic gets a lot of funny moments and there’s a stand out moment where Sonic takes a laser to the butt and seeks solace in the confinements of the van before letting out an almighty screech.
It also suggests a possible rivalry between Sonic and Manic as Manic is obviously unhappy that Sonic is allowed to go on solo missions where as he is  told to partner up. Sadly this rivalry is pretty much confined to this episode, it could have made for some compelling storylines if they’d brought it into the over arcing plot.
Oh yeah…I’m also pretty sure that this is the only instance in any Sonic series (games included) where you get to see where the blue blur poops. Gotta be worth a watch just for that.

Song: Never give up
Aw man I love this song, it’s easily among my favourites from the show. It’s so catchy. I’ll occasionally find this song popping into my head out of nowhere and I’m caught singing it for a good hour.

Ep18: Sonic Tonic
Robotnik creates a tonic from the sap of the Velocitree (geddit?) which when poured on someone’s feet, gives them Sonic’s speed. Yeah it’s a cheesy plot but it’s still pretty fun.
In the beginning Sleet and Dingo finally pose a genuine threat as they manage to defeat Sonic by outrunning him but problems  quickly arise as their feet swell to giant size as a side effect of the tonic. The same thing happens to Sonia and Manic who take the tonic after Sonic teases them about their speed.

This one isn’t as good as the past couple of episodes have been but it still has its moments. The ending lets it down a lot, the Hedgehogs stop Robotnik by pouring the Tonic into the water supply and growing massive trees using the power of music, this also cures Sonia and Manic’s feet…yeah I know, don’t ask, they don’t explain….

Song: The fastest thing alive
Another really catchy pop punk song. This  is another great one and one that’ll bestuck in your head for ages, especially the little wadda-yadda-yup refrain.

Ep19: Friend or foe
A Sonic fan’s dream, this episode not only features the master emerald and the floating island but it also marks the long awaited debuts of Knuckles the echidna and his pet dinosaur chomps….wait what?
Yeah for some reason Knuckles is saddled with a weird dinosaur/dog that wants to eat Sleet and dingo, never mind that though, Knuckles is here!
 As a debut it’s pretty much what you’d expect, Knuckles is as gullible as ever, falling for it when Sleet tells him Sonic is on the island to steal the chaos emerald. Eventually Knuckles realises he was wrong and they team up to stop Sleet.
It’s pretty much what you’d expect and it’s a story told not only in the games but also the comic series too, that doesn’t matter however as it’s so much fun finally getting to see knuckles in a sonic cartoon. This is just awesome.

Song: Not always what they seem
A good track, pretty catchy but it’s also fairly mellow compared to some of the other rockier tracks in the show. This comes  at the dramatic conclusion to the episode and kind of ruins the atmosphere.

Ep20: Head games
Bartleby attempts to buy a tribal island to built a resort on it,sleet and Dingo help out but plan to roboticise the tribe.
Aleena sends the hedgehogs there to help and the son of the tribe leader mistakes them for living incarnations of three statues that the tribe worship.
The episode itself has a fairly decent plot but the idea of building a resort on tribal land has been used before in the sonic cartoons and it feels a little samey, this makes the episode frankly a little boring.
The conclusion is awesome however as it is revealed that by playing a specific tune the three statues come to life, effectively giving Sonic, Sonia and Manic giant stone Megazord versions of themselves, sadly they leave them on the island at the end, how cool would it be if they’d became a mainstay of theseries?

Song: Take a chance
A pleasant enough Caribbean-ish track, it’s not helped by Sonic’s borderline offensive faux Jamaican accent. Sadly it makes the track more cringe worthy than enjoyable.  

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