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Sonic Underground Episodes #11-15

Sonic Underground
Episodes #11-15

Ep11: Who do you think you are?
I hate it when Amnesia is used as a plot point. It’s always incredibly predictable and you spend the episode waiting for the character to get hit on the head and get their memories back. This episode adds a slightly decent twist by having Sonia lose her memories then sell her power medallion to feed the poor family that take her in. It’s a twist on the format but sadly only serves to stretch out the already poor plot.
It also features what is possibly Sonia’s weakest character arc, a decent arc should force a character into a situation where they are forced to adapt, facing a fear or overcoming an obstacle. Sonia’s obstacle? She doesn’t like getting dirty but is forced to face this fear by dragging a prisoner into a sewer….it doesn’t get much worse than that.

Song: We need to be free
A pretty rotten song that’sfar too 80’s for it’s own good. It’s catchy in it’s way but nothing special.

Ep12: The last resort
The siblings come across a valley seemingly left ignored by Robotnik but it’s sadly too good to be true. The village leader Stripes has made a deal with Robotnik to hand over any freedom fighters who come to the valley. He alerts Robotnik to the presence of Sonic and Manic but leaves out Sonia who he has fallen for.
It’s pretty generic stuff and there’s an unshakeable feeling that you’ve seen it all before but it’s by no means bad. It’s a decent enough episode with new character Stripes showing decent characterisation even if his arc is woefully predictable.

Song: Listen to your heart
I really shouldn’t like this, it’s a whiny latin pop-esque love song with cheesy spice girls instrumentation…but…..oh who am I kidding, It’s awesome, too catchy for its own good.

Ep13: Come out wherever you are
The gang take control of Robotnik’s prison ship and steal it, there’s also a less interesting subplot about Sonia wishing to attend Bartelby’s debutante ball.
This is a good episode as it finally shows the freedom fighters doing some actual damage to Robotnik, the other episodes mainly focus on the gang protecting a village or getting some Duke or other’s taxes back. In this one they finally start taking the fight to Robotnik himself and it’s all the better for it.
As for the debutante stuff, it’s fairly stupid and reduces the episode to yet more of Sonia’s poor little rich girl clich├ęs. When she’s told she needs to fly the ship she genuinely complains that the plan takes place on the same day as the ball, apparently she considers the dance more important than rescuing innocent prisoners which is actually pretty awful.
On a lighter note, Sonic dresses up as Mario and that’s pretty cool.

Song: Society Girl
Urgh….sweet Jesus no….I honestly hope that this was written as a joke, deliberately intended to be the worst song of all time. If not then, god help whoever wrote this because it’s excruciating.

Ep14: Winner fakes all
Every sonic series needs a race episode of course so here it is. Once again, Robotnik builds a superfast robot and challenges Sonic to a race to prove he’s the fastest thing on mobius (seriously, this exact same plot happened in both AoStH and SatAM). This one’s actually pretty good though because….Sonic doesn’t actually enter the race.
He sees that it’s obviously a trap and decides to stay home, the problem is that Manic and Sonia think he has entered and sneak into the stadium to save him.
This twist is what saves the episode, managing to make it actually interesting to watch.
There are also a couple of funny moments like sonic asking a SWATbot if it recognizes him as a member of the resistance to test out his disguise. It’s an awesome episode.

Song: Built for speed
A half decent, speedy country number, the main flaw is the vocals which feel out of time. Still pretty good though.

Ep15: A hedgehog’s home is her castle
Sonia discovers she has inherited a castle and wants to use it as abase for the resistance, however, when they spend the night strange things start happening.
This is a great episode, while the plot has no real significance to the main story, it’s a lot of fun. The castle caretaker Balrog is a fun new character with a Bella Lugosi Dracula accent and a pet owl named Hooter who, it is revealed, Sleet threatened to eat unless Balrog helped him capture the hedgehogs.
The best part in the episode is a brief interaction between Queen Alena and a sleeping Manic. It’s nice to see Alena do a little more than simply appear mystically at key times (though she does a lot of that in the episode too), seeing her tell her child she loves him is touching and makes for one of the sweeter moments of the series.

Song: Let’s do it to it
Nothing special, a rock song with a vaguely horror themed melody. By no means bad or anything but there’s no real catch.

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