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Sonic Underground Episodes #06-10

Sonic Underground Episodes #06-10

Ep06: Mobodoon
The siblings find a way to the city of Mobodoon, a palatial city residing in another dimension. It is also revealed that this is where the three hedgehogs were born.
Upon discovering this Manic is conflicted. Finally having a real home he is torn between whether to continue to fight Robotnik or stay where he belongs.
Before he gets the chance to decide however Sleet and Dingo appear and steal the power stone (chaos emerald anyone?) which gives the city life.
Another good episode and one which delivers a bit (not a lot, but a bit) of character development for Manic. The cheesy ending is pretty good too.

Song: I found my home
An over the top power ballad that’s actually pretty good. Borders the fine line between being good and cheesy.

Ep07: The price of freedom
Sonia visits an old friend and discovers that her father is mass producing cheap watches that transform into spy bots at night for Robotnik.
While this is a pretty decent episode, I can’t help but be disappointed in it. Sonia is such an annoyingly clichéd character that it’s hard to watch episodes that use her as their main focus. Her obsessions with shopping and beauty are sexist and get in the way of any genuine character development.
New character Mindy is just as bad, a spoilt valley girl character whose only role in the episode is to joke  about how much clothes she owns. Dissapointing.

Song: Money Can’t Buy
A pretty bland “Money can’t buy you happiness” rock song with no real catch *yawn*

Ep08: Underground Masquerade
Sonic and Co befriend a gang of street kids and manic threatens to fall back into his old ways. Meanwhile, Dingo infiltrates the gang in an attempt to trick them into stealing a Duke’s taxes so slett and dingo can keep them for themselves.
This is a brilliant episode with a plot that helps to showcase both Sleet and Dingo’s treachery against Robotnik but also the negative aspects of Manic’s character.
The episode shows that although this series is often pretty vapid, that it has great potential for interesting characters and story arcs, this is shown best here with the character of Max, one of the street kids who learns how to earn victories rather than steal them.

Song: Let the good times role
A pretty decent swamp stomp record with Sonic jamming to fiddles and accordions talking about all the fun there is to be had down in the bayou. Awesome stuff.

Ep09: Tangled Webs
In this episode we’re first introduced to Cyrus, a childhood friend of Sonic’s who is now working as a spy for Robotnik. Crus is attempting to get information on the freedom fighters sactuary but turns against Robotnik when he realises the sanctuary is for children orphaned by the tyrant.
Cyrus makes a good addition to the cast and continues to make frequent appearances over the rest of the series (managing to appear over twice as much as Knuckles, a main character in the game series). He also makes a very serious sacrifice as, due to his betrayal, Robotnik roboticizes his father, leaving the episode hanging on a very negative note.
This is a great episode, with a much more serious in tone than the majority of the series.  

Song: Teach the children, light the way.
How’s that for a title? This song is unbearable, sentimental mush in the vein of Children are our future or we are the world….it’s just awful.

Ep10: The deepest fear
The gang visit a port tow and learn that a sea monster named Moby Deep is sinking ships off shore. It is revealed that it is actually Robotnik in a submarine and that Moby Deep is actually just a whale. We’re also introduced to captain Squeege, a bizarre sea sponge character that looks drastically out of place even among Undergrounds insane background cast.
This episode is also the first in the series to showcase Sonic’s inability to swim and his fear of water which he must overcome in order to save Manic and Sonia.
Another pretty good episode that offers an enjoyable change of location even if putting a water episode in a Sonic cartoon is pretty clichéd by this point. 

Song: Face your fear
A fairly jaunty vaudevillian number that, while catchy doesn’t really fit in with the episode too much. There’s a pretty nice guitar solo too.

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