Friday, 15 February 2013

Tales From The Blind Bag

I've been worrying that seeing as I am the one who chooses what goes on this blog that I'm limiting myself. Certainly most of the reviews on this blog are positive, not all, but certainly I'm more likely to read things I know that I like.
So with that in mind I decided to take a little bit of a chance when I stumbled upon a blind bag of books in Forbidden Planet in Glasgow.
The floor of Forbidden Planet is littered with these unassuming black packages, each one bearing a sticker which give only the slightest hint to its contents.
Basically, due to the high volume of books coming into the store every week, they must run out of space and choose to bind random volumes in these packages in an effort to get rid of abunch of them quickly.
Some of the packages bore stickers saying "Novels, Sci-Fi" or "Graphic Novels" I decided against these figuring that they'd be more likely to contain numbered volumes, things like Shazam Vol 4 or the tenth entry in some long running book series.
Indie comics are more likely to be one off books and self contained stories, also more likely to be something I'd never heard of before.
Here's the package when it's open, it contained three graphic novels and two art books, none of which I have ever heard of. The books contained were.
Take what you can carry
Kevin C. Pyle
Sita's Ramayana
Samhita Arni & Moyna Chitrakar
The sketchbook adventures of Peter Poplaski
Peter Poplaski

People I've never met & conversations I've never had
Nick White

The Troll king
Kolbeinn Karlsson

So there we are, five books that I've never heard of and which I have no idea about. After a quick flick through I must say they all look lovely and I can't wait to read through them. Stay tuned over the next week or so while I read and review the five. If they're any good I may well do this again, the store had a lot of blind bags after all.

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