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Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) Episodes #6 - 10

Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)
Episodes #6 - 10

Ep06: Sonic Racer
This episode, as you can probably guess from the title, involves racing. I’ve mentioned in my AoStH review that I’ve never really been a fan of the “Robotnik challenges Sonic to a race” cliché that seems to abound in the tv series, seriously, every series from AoStH to Sonic X involves racing at one point or another, it’s not even a trope confined to TV wither as games like Sonic R and Sonic Drift prove.
It’s just never made any sense to me why Robotnik would bother building race based traps, it’s just all a bit stupid.
In this instance Robotnik creates a super fast Robot (doesn’t he always) to challenge Sonic. Sonic, knowing full well it’s a trap, enters the race as a diversion so Sally can sneak into Robotropolis and destroy a generator.
To give some credit to the episode, it ends with a fairly unexpected twist, sonic doesn’t actually win the race as he pulls out at the last minute to rescue Antoine from danger.
Despite this little twist however there’s not a lot to recommend here, the majority or the episode is a fairly predictable chase sequence with Robotnik’s robot deploying trap after trap without success. In a nutshell, it’s AoStH’s Mobius 5000 wityhout any of the jokes.

Ep07: Hooked on Sonics
In an effort to win Sally’s hand away from Sonic, Antoine takes a power ring and tries to capture Robotnik on his own.
The plan almost works but Robotnik escapes Antoine’s trap and captures him.

Not a bad episode all in all, it’s a shame that Sonic needs to come to the rescue it would have been nicer to see Antoine get out of danger by himself, that aside it’s a good chance to see Antoine doing something other than hiding and shaking like a leaf.

Ep08: Harmonic Sonic
Sonic and Rotor infiltrate Robotnik’s new spy satellite in an effort to shut down it’s spy equipment.
The majority of the episode is spent with the two sneaking around with only the odd encounter with Robotnik’s robots thrown in so it’s a pretty slow episode.
It’s still pretty good though, there’s a fairly entertaining scene involving sonic disguising himself as a robot and sneaking into a smoke filled robot bar and shredding on a homemade guitar.
It’s good to see a little more focus on Rotor who up to now has mostly been a background character, though, despite a heavy presence in the episode he still does very little.
The episode ends with Sonic and Rotor guiding the satelite down to Mobius with a giant magnet and a fairly pointless finish involving Rotor making Sonic a “quill-styler” that gives him an embarrassing Mohawk.
Finally an attempt at humour, even if it does fall flat.

Ep09: Sonic’s Nightmare
This is a pretty weird one, it opens with a dream Sonic has where he is unable to save Sally from being Roboticized.
The freedom fighters discover a plot by Robotnik tolauch a blimp that creates acid rain (because…you know….that’s bad?) and sally, Bunnie and Antoine are captured while they try to sabotage it.
During their plan they disguise themselves as SWAT bots which just looks weird because, in their costumes they somehow double in height and have human proportions. When they have their helmets removed when they are discovered we are given the image of the characters heads on a human style body which just looks weird.
Back to the dream, when trying to rescue his friends Sonic is suddenly crippled with fear as his dream flashes before his eyes. This is never properly explained and is just bizarre to watch, everything’s going perfectly fine then it’s as if Sonic has a massive burst of PTSD it’s just so odd.
Robotnik plays a big part in this episode which is always good to see and he’s animated really well, Jim cummings gives his best performance in the series so far, thebest moment being when his voice cracks slightly during a scene where Robotnik is contemplating firing missiles at sonic or fleeing to safety, he just makes Robotnik sound freaking insane and genuinely dangerous. It’s a great performance.

Ep10: Warp Sonic
During a botched mission to Robotropolis (seriously, why hasn’t Robotnik won already?) the freedom fighters are rescued by Griff a citizen of “Lower Mobius” a small collection of refugees who have built a city under Robotropolis.

Griff is a pretty uninteresting character and might as well be wearing a shirt bearing the slogan “I’ll turn out to be a baddie later” for all the subtlety in his character.
It turns out that Lower Mobius’ power source is dwindling and Griff decides to steal the power stone that creates Sonic’s power rings, in the middle there’s a bunch of inconsequential battles with Robotic rats, a poor running joke about Sonic never getting to eat a plate of Chilli dogs he’s ordered and one fairly amusing scene where Griff, Antoine and Sonic all try to one up each other to win Sally’s hand.

It’s a mixed bag of an episode with a really weak plot trying desperately to hold it together and a random meaningless title. Worst of all? Robotnik is nowhere to be found the entire episode. Skip it.

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