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Sonic the Hedgehog (satAM) Episodes #16 - 20

Sonic the Hedgehog (satAM)
Episodes #16 - 20

Ep16: No Brainer
Robotnik  goes on holiday or something and leaves Snively in charge,up to now Snively has been pretty much a one trick pony. He stands in the back and pushes the buttons Robotnik tells him to push.
This episode sees him take centre stage and he’s actually pretty cool. He manages to wipe Sonic’s memory, trick him into turning against the freedom fighters and find the location of knothole.
He comes pretty close to succeeding until Sonic gets his memory back and stops him.
 Nonetheless it sets Snively up as a character who’s just as competent, if not more so, than Robotnik is, it’s good to see this as it fleshes him out a little and suggests an air of confrontation between him and Robotnik.

Ep17: Blast to the Past part one
Oh yeah, now we’re talking, this is just awesome. A two-parter dealing with Robotnik’s origins, Sonic kids and the first appearance of King Acorn, voiced by Tim fucking Curry.
It doesn’t get much better than that right? Well, how about throwing in a trip to…..the floating island. You know what that means, yes indeed, this is the first appearance of….the giant floating owl head with a cape….wait…what?

So yeah….Knuckles is nowhere to be seen for some reason but never mind, the rest of the episode is solid gold. Sonic and Sally fly to the floating island to find the time stones hoping to use them to change history and stop the coup by Robotnik against king Acorn.
They intend to arrive a few days before it all happens but accidentally arrive on the day of the coup itself, when Julian Kintobor gets the king to agree to dismantle all military forces in Robotropolis then immediately attacks with his own forces.
 It’s nice to see Mobius as it used to be, as well as getting info on the coup and the events surrounding it, throw in Sonic and sally as cute little kids and everything about this episode just hits the mark. It closes on Robotnik showing himself for the first time and the cliff hanger forces you to move on to the next episode.

Ep18: Blast to the past part two
The two-parter concludes with an awesome, action packed episode which sees Sonic and Sally try to stop Robotnik’s fleet from destroying the great forest and saving their childhood selves from the roboticizer.
We get a couple of cool scenes explaining how Snively loses his hair (sonic blasts it from his head, poor guy) and how Robotnik gets his one robot arm after accidentally touching the roboticizer.

It’s satAM on an epic scale as Robotropolis is born before our eyes and Sonic is powerless to stop it. They also fail in preventing Uncle Chuck from turning into a robot and saving the King from being trapped in the void (with some guy named Naugus, Robotnik mentions, wonder if that name’ll pop up again)

In the end Sonic and Sally succeed in getting the original plans for the roboticizer and rescueing Rosie, Sally’s childhood nany who was originally roboticized.

It’s such a great episode that really ramps up the tension and shows how serious the battle against robotnik really is. Great stuff.

Ep19: Fed up with Antoine/Ghost busted
This episode, as the title suggests is a double feature, the first of only two in the series.
The first features Antoine getting on everyone’s nerves, first messing up amission then causing chaos while trying to learn kung-fu.
He leaves the village and is taken in by a biker gang of hyenas who make them their king. It is later revealed that the gang are cannibals and try to eat him.

In the second part, Sonic, Tails and Antoine go camping and tails gets spooked by Sonic’s ghost stories.
He has a nightmare then wakes up to see Antoine covered in phosphorous leaves and mistakes him for a ghost.

The episode is pretty inconsequential in terms of the overall plot of the series but setting that aside, it’s pretty fun and allows the characters relationships to be put under the spotlight a little more.
It’s a shift from the usual dark tone to something a little more fun and it’s very enjoyable for it.

Ep20: Dulcy
Robotnik captures the last of the dragons, aside from Dulcy. All other dragons as we learned from blast to the past, were captured and roboticized.
Dulcy starts to get urges to return to the dragon nest and later learns this is to protect an egg left behind when the mother was captured.

Sonic and co rescue the dragon mother and the eggs hatches, it is suggested that the baby dragon will grow and be able to mate with Dulcy to save the dragon race but this is a plotline that is never followed up on.

It’s not a bad episode but seems to betaking a side step from the main plot. That said it serves to further flesh out the universe of the series and gives a note of hope for the future even if it’s never mentioned again.

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