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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Episodes #51 -55

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Episodes #51 -55 

Ep 51 – Prehistoric Sonic
The chaos emerald four parted concludes with Robotnik returning to the time of the dinosaurs  and nabbing the final chaos emerald, able to grant life to inanimate objects. This final episode is pretty awesome, having gained the final emerald Robotnik revisits the locations of the last three episodes and grabs the other emeralds (this is occasionally used as an excuse to re-use some bits of animation but that’s not too much of an issue) and becoming all powerful. This would have made an excellent conclusion to the series, it’s weird that this arc got stuck where it did in the timeline. It’s the closest Robotnik ever comes to succeeding and theres a real grand finale feel about the whole thing.
Regardless this is a great episode and a thrilling conclusion to a great four parter, if only more of the series had ran like this the show would have a much bigger following than it does now.

Best Moment: The final confrontation as  sonic gathers five other sonics from the time stream and all six do battle with the all powerful Robotnik, great stuff.

Ep 52 – Babysitter jitters
So, how did the AoStH team capitalise on their epic four parter? By making an episode where Sonic is in charge of babysitting some troublesome toddlers that’s how.
A  dreadful episode, made worse by it’s postion in the series, the fact that viewers coming off the chaos emerald saga and getting this is saddening.
The baby beavers Sonic must watch are awful, horribly designed and annoying, and while Robotnik gets a funny couple of moments there’s just no way to save this horrible episode.

Best Moment: After Sonic puts the babies on leashes and starts walking them like dogs.
Tails: Sonic…..I don’t think My Beaver would approve of this…..

Ep 53 – Honey, I shrunk the Hedgehog
Sonic  gets sgrunk to the size of an any and must escape Robotnik’s lab. This is actually quite fun, though pretty predictable. As soon as you think tiny Sonic you expect trouble with things like spiders or vacuum cleaners and that’s exactly what you get. Despite it’s predictability though it’s still enjoyable, not gonna make anybodies top ten episodes but it’s worth a watch.
Props to the team for including a bunch of Scottish miner moles who aren’t horribly annoying also and who actually do something worthwhile, even if their accents are still terrible.

Best Moment: Robotnik: *exales* Whew….the more complicated my schemes get the harder it is to say them in one breath…..

Ep 54 - Robotnikland
It’s sonic’s birthday again and Robotnik traps him in his amusment park Robotnikland. Another mostly uninteresting one as Sonic is placed in various theme park ride themed traps. Nothing particularly interesting or original about this one, there’s a couple of camoes by Ms Opossum from Magnificent sonic and Professor Caninestein from thechaosemerald sags as well as a couple others but nothing much else to recommend. 
Sonic looks really weird in this episode, I don’t know if there was a different artist than usual working on him in this one but he keeps slipping off model and is animated really strangely, walking around looking like JohnWayne half the time.

Best Moment: Robotnik’s Sonic handpuppet that he uses to trick Tails into thinking Sonic’s trapped on a rollercoaster, where does he get these things from?

Ep 55 – Mobius 5000
Sonic needs to raise ten thousand mobiums to save an orphanage, but how can he get that kind of money? Luckily the Mobius 500 race has that exact amount of money as it’s grand prize, that’s a happy accident.
Yeah, just when you thought the clichés in this series had peaked we get the “raise money to save the orphanage” episode.
Sonic has to enter the race against Robotnik’s badniks as well as Scratch and Grounder trying to stop them at every turn. It’s an ok episode, each badnik presents a different problem leading to sonic slowly eliminating his opponents over the course of the race, it’s pretty much what you’d expect.

Best Moment: Sonic and Tails warping to the end of the race by driving through sonic 2’s halfpipe special stage and collecting lots of rings (even if the rings are grey instead of gold)

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