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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Episodes #46 - 50

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Episodes #46 - 50

Ep 46 – Robolympics
In order to save a town from destruction, Sonic is forced to enter the Robolympics against Robotnik. This is a pretty boring episode, Robotnik challenges Sonic to various sports, cheats in every one and it backfires every time. It’s predictable and not very interesting, even the heavy presence  of Robotnik can’t save this one. Robotnik also appears constantly off model and is possibly at his most poorly animated of the series. Dissapointing.

Best Moment: Sonic’s epic troll face at the beginning of the episode, U mad bro?

Ep 47 – Magnificent Sonic
There’s an odd amount of people shooting themselves in the head in this episode….Sonic becomes Sheriff of a wild west town called Tranquil Gulch and must defend it against Robotnik who wants to destroy it and build Gamblers Gulch, a mega casino (What is it with Rbotnik building casinos in thisseries? This is like the 5th time…). This episode is a lot of fun, the writers make good use of various wild west tropes, jail breaks, shootouts, runaway stage coaches and the characters new cowboy outfits are awesome, Tails and Robotnik’s especially.
Theres also a lot of funny scenes, one of the best is Sonic getting Scratch and Grounder to dismantle themselves by beating them at strip poker.
Yeah, this is a good one.

Best Moment: Robotnik’s cowboy robots, Wired Earp, Batch Cassidy, Billy the Kit, Chassis James and Dos Holiday….what? I laughed…..Billy the kit? C’mon.

Ep 48 – Black Bot the Pirate
The first in  a four part story  arc (the only arc in the series) sees Robotnik build a time machine (clearly modelled on the machine from the George Pal movie from the fifities) in order to travel into the past and find the four legendary chaos emeralds. Although the emeralds are lifted from the games, they’re quite different here, instead of the seven multicoloured emeralds of the games we’re given four green emeralds of different shapes, these emeralds each have a special power, another thing different from the games. This episode sees Robotnik hunting for the emerald of invisibility in the times of pirates.
An awesome introduction to the chaos emerald saga with a lot of funny set pieces and a pretty cool character in the form of Blackbot the pirate.
It’s good to see an arcing storyline used in the series, certainly other episodes have made reference to past events but nothing like this. In a series often moaned at for being episodic with weak plotting it’s a breath of fresh air.

Best Moment: Sonic seeing a hot girl on the beach (clearly Breezy with a swap of colour palette), getting ready to woo her but being stopped as he sees her leave the beach with an overly muscled hedgehog.

Ep 49 – Hedgehog of the Round Table
Robotnik travels to Arthurian times and finds the chaos emerald of invincibility, he is dismayed to find however, that the powers only work if the holder of the emerald is the king of the Hound Table which seems oddly specific but what do I know?
Robotnik launches an attack on King Arfurs castle and gains the crown  after the wizard Merlynx turns Sonic feet to stone.
This episode is just as good as the first part of the arc, the new characters introduced are all enjoyable and there are a fair few funny moments.

Best Moment: An overly muscled invincible Robotnik complete with wrestling leotard and curly shoes. Such an awesome character design.

Ep 50 – Robotnik’s Pyramid Scheme
Robotnik returns to ancient Egypt, or Mobegypt if yoou preffer in search of the chaos emerald of immortality (how this is different to the power of invincibility is never really explained).
This one isn’t quite as good as the previous instalments but it’s still a lot of fun, we’re introduced to Robotnik’s ancestors Robotnicus and Robotnikotep as well as Sonics ancestor Masonic who Sonic must introduce to his future wife so that he won’t disappear in the future (a plot point definitely not stolen from Back to the Future).
All in all, still a lot of fun but the weakest addition to the chaos emerald saga so far.

Best Moment: Sonic carving a hieroglyph of himself in chains so that in the future someone will see it, know sonic is in trouble in the past and send a hacksaw back in time so he can escape…..most convoluted escape  plan ever…

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