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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Episodes #41 - 45

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Episodes #41 - 45

Ep 41 – Attack on pinball fortress
Here’s an interesting one, Attack on Pinball Fortress is the only episode of the series written specifically to advertise a game, the newly released Sonic Spinball.
This is interesting for a number of reasons, one, it’s pretty well documented that most of the staff on AoStH weren’t sonic fans and many had never played any of the games, two, Sonic  spinball was a game based on the other Sonic cartoon SatAM, the game featured cameos fromSally, Bunnie, Antoine, Rotor and Cluck from that show (though admittedly it did feature Scratch, grounder or any other references to Aosth were non exisitant) and three, AoStH had it’s own game feautiring  Robotnk, 
Scratch, Grounder and a bunch or Robots from the first episode, Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine.

The episode itself is pretty good, and makes good use of the source material, the settings are reminiscent of the game and they also managed to include the Scorpion boss from the first level.
It also features the return of two characters, Sgt. Doberman and Wes Wealsey, both of whom are after a stupidity ray developed by Robotnik, Dobverman to create an army of soldiers stupid enough to want to go to war and Weasley to make people stupid enough to buy his products. It’s a pretty neat episode and a unique one to the series.

Best Moment: robotnik going all Rambo at the start with his stupidity ray.

Ep 42 – Mass Transit Trouble
Robotnik has planted bombs all over Mobius and sonic has five minutes to find them.
Not the best of episodes this, though one which does at least have a hint of genuine peril. Sonic has to race around the  globe, stop a disaster then locate bombs, an action packed episode if nothing else.
There’s a bunch of new characters though none we’ll ever see again, the worst of the bunch is Angus McGull, a Scottish seagull lighthouse owner, cue terrible accents as well as Jaleel White giving one a go (his Scottish accent coming off as decidedly Indian).

Best Moment: Sonic and Tails’ entrance to this episode is hilarious, they burst through a door, dressed in sailor garb doing an awesome little jig.

Ep 43 – The Coachnik
A pretty dull episode, Robotnik builds a trainer to improve Scratch and Grounders abilities with obvious results, plenty of roadrunner gags but nothing special in this one. Robotnik eventually makes a megabomb disguised as a football and sticks it in grounders head but this plan tooo has a very obvious pay off. All in all just another poor show, by no means a terrible episode, there’s nothing awful in it, it’s just…..meh.

Best Moment: Scratch trying to do something nice for coconuts for a change.  When he tries to get into the training session Scratch tells him “Coconuts, be smart, this isn’t something you want to be a part of”

Ep 44 – Untouchable Sonic
Sonic breaks up a protection riot and is later forced to rescue the owner of a chilli dog restaurant that also resisted the gangsters.
A pretty good episode that makes  good use of a couple of game references (the original gangsters are a roller and a Ballhog).
You also get to see scratch and grounder make use of that old gangster stereotype of a gun in a violin case, instead pulling out an actual violin and playing it poorly.
Bit of fun.

Best Moment: Scratch and grounder in Zoot suits, doesn’t get much better than that

Ep 45 – Super Robotnik
Robotnik falls into a mix of chemicals and emerges with Super Powers, he then challenges Sonic to a gladiatorial contest for control of mobius. Not a bad episode, plenty of great Robotnik moments as he causes chaos with his new powers. We also get a bit of Professor Von Schlemmer who returns to create an antidote that must be administered to Robotnik’s caboose through a pillow (don’t ask). Robotnik actually comes pretty close to beating Sonic in this one, stopped only at the last second.

Best Moment: Robotnik starting his life as  a superhero by zipping out of the window and returning claiming he has just stolen candy from over two thousand babies. Man he’s rotten.

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