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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episodes #61 - 65

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
episodes #61 - 65

Ep 61 – Fast & Easy
Urgh….boy this series sure does like to follow an epic high with a massive low huh? After the awesome cameo-fest that was Hero of the year comes fast & easy, bringing with it Easy Eddie, a rockabilly opossum with sticky fingers and a pain in the arse voice. 
Easy Eddie has stolen a ring with a chaos emerald embedded in it, the emerald has the ability to sink large portions of land underwater so obviously Robotnik wants it, cue various traps trying to catch him etc. etc.
Professor Von Schlemmer makes an appearance in an overly long scene where they try to remove the stuck ring from Eddie’s finger.
There’s not much to say about this one, it’s just so disappointing to have such a stain of an episode following such a great one. Alas.

Best Moment: Easy Eddie: Hey this is fake money….

Robotnik: Of course it is, I’m a fake nice person

Ep 62 – Lifestyles of the sick & Twisted
Robotnik kidnaps chat show host Throbbin’ Screech’s niece and forces him to book him for his show Lifestyles of the very good. Lots of good robotnik moments in this one, in fact, possibly the most robotnik heavy episode of the series.
Throbbin’ Screech is a pretty annoying character but actually shows a bit of character development as the episode goes on, becoming more and more interested in Robotnik’s way of life and eventually exclaiming that his show is much more interesting with robotnik on and willingly giving up his niece for another of Robotnik’s plans, it’s a surprisingly dark moment for the series and leaves the ending with an odd tone too as Screech returns his show to the old format but still clearly loves fame more than his niece and wishes he was still working with Robotnik.

Best Moment: The only episode of the series, in fact the only episode of any sonic series apart from Sonic X where Robotnik is called by his nickname Eggman.

Ep 63 – Sonic is Running
Momma Robotnik (sans moustache once again) returns and forces Robotnik to run for President of Mobius, he hires Wes Weasley to be his campaign manager.
This episode is great, so many great Robotnik moments, his  campaign video especially where he appears in his everyman plaid shirt with his new dog and Robo-wife and using subliminal messaging to hypnotise the citizens of mobius into voting for him.
This is probably my only gripe with the episode, Sonic is able to resist the programming due to his eyes moving fast enough to see the subliminal messages, this just read as a little hockey to me. Good episode though, great to see Wes Weasley and Momma Robotnik back for one last time
There are also cameos from Roxy and Bert Whoo

Best Moment: Sonic leading Robotnik to cheat on Robo-wife by dressing as a hot blonde and covering him in kisses. This scene raises questions….many questions.

Ep 64 – Roboninjas
Oh god, this one’s cringe worthy, Robotnik kidnaps martial arts expert Kwai Chang Crane and creates a device to transfer his abilities into Scratch and Grounder.
For some reason absorbing these abilities also makes them talk in borderline racist Japanese accents and talk in phony proverbs.
There’s not much to like here, New characters Kwai Chang and his apprentice Grasshopper are both incredibly annoying characters, their accents are terrible and like Scratch and grounder they both constantly speak in proverbs which are obviously supposed to be funny but fall flat every time.
There is one interesting thing in this episode, at the end, Robotnik’s fortress is obliterated and doesn’t show up in the final episode and in the Christmas special Robotnik is seen to have a new base so this could be seen as proof that the base is canonically destroyed in this episode.

Best Moment: As awful as this one is I must admit one thing, it’s very pretty. Most of the episode is set at night and the background art for these scenes is lovely. This series was never much for pretty visuals so it makes a nice change.

Ep 65 – Sonically Ever After
The last episode of the series sees Sonic, Tails and Robotnik sucked into a book of fairy tales (Years before Sonic and the secret rings and The black knight). They jump from story to story meeting various characters before escaping. The fairy tale characters follow them into the real world however and Robotnik gains control of a magic wand.
Despite how it sounds, this episode is actually great. The settings are fresh, the jokes are funny and the action is awesome. The fairy tale characters are all enjoyable, especially their takes on the fairy Godmother, here a Don Corleone parodying Fairy Godfather and the giant from jack and the beanstalk who they chose for some reason to turn into a giant beatnik.
We also get to see Sonic and Tails flying a plane clearly intended to be a reference to the Tornado from the games which is a cool little nod to have in the final episode.

Despite a cheesy premise and there being a few better candidates to end the series on, I really enjoyed this one and felt it did justice to the show. It’s not just another awful episode riddled with clichés. It’s a genuinely enjoyable episode which shows off the best this series was capable.
It’s also fitting to end on a fairy tale, as it allows the episode to go out with a big cheese “THE END” with sonic speaking directly to the audience telling them that this is the end of the show, but there’ll be more adventures to come.

Best Moment: Sonic (as Rapunzel): Why don’t you climb up sometime? Maybe I’ll kiss you.
Robotnik: Forget it
Sonic: Maybe I’ll give you my millions in gol-
Robotnik: COMING RIGHT UP!!!!

So, now that we’ve gone through the whole series how does it feel looking back? Well, it’s easy to see why so many people dislike this show. Compared to the other series SatAM which aired at the same time, it’s a much simpler affair. The jokes are corny, the stories often clichéd and the art and animation are often simple and leave a lot to be desired.
But as much as you can nit pick the series and dump on it’s weaker points, you can’t deny that when it’s good, it’s damn good.
And the ratio of good to bad episodes is higher than most people give it credit for.
Yes it’s daft, a clear looney tunes wanna be, with flimsy storytelling, but that’s what it’s meant to be. SatAM is dark and serious, this is light and fun. If you relax and just let yourself be absorbed you’ll find a very enjoyable show with a surprisingly strong cast of returning characters and jokes. It also has, hands down, the best portrayal of Dr. Robotnik outside of the games (and I would argue that at times he even rivals his game counterpart) easily the most enjoyable thing about the series and, as his designer Milton Knight hoped he would be, kids TV’s sexiest fat man.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog remains my favourite Sonic series, I loved it as a kid and love it just as much now, there are episodes of this show that I will watch again and again until I’m an old man.
I love it.

Thanks for reading my review of the series, It’s been fun writing but it’s been a big job, 65 episodes is a lot and your time has been greatly appreciated.
I hope you enjoyed it.

And so, until next time I’m up, over, and gone.

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