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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Episodes #56 - 60

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Episodes #56 - 60 

Ep 56 – The little Merhog
While fishing Sonic and Tails meet a merehog (the second episode in the series to feature mermaids) and follow her to her undersea kingdom to save it from new villain Captain Memo (A Napoleon-esque villain with a habit of taking memos), there are a couple other new characters, Sgt. Bananas, the captain of memo’s ship, Merna the merhog and…..urgh….the queen of the merhogs…..

….seriously, how did that design make it into the series? *shivers*
Anyway, queenie aside, this is actually a pretty cool episode, similar to robotnik’s rival, it features Robotnik originally battling with the new villain before joining forces to defeat Sonic.
There’s a lot of good robotnik moments and some of the best animation for the character that the series has seen. Good stuff

Best Moment: Tails, after reeling in the merhog “aw….I hooked a girl….” The disgust in his voice….the disgust….

Ep 57 – Road Hog
Sonic gets arrested for speeding and get’s a month on chain gang, picking flowers that can be used to hypnotise people. It is revealed that Robotnik has hypnotised the guards to get them to gather the flowers, he hypnotises Sonic who escapes and ends up leader of a gang of biker pigs (you following this?).
Not a great episode, the plot’s all over the place and drags on with little no no funny moments. There’s a new skunk character who’s a bit of a waste of space and the biker pigs are a bit crap too.
There is one good thing to say about this episode though, it gave us this .gif…

Best Moment: Robotnik being transformed into a walrus….because…you know….he is the eggman…we are the eggmen and now….he is the walrus. Coo coo ca choo.

Ep 58 – The Robot’s Robot
Scratch and grounder build a robot (which they name Robot) so they have someone to boss around. After they push him too far he packs a bundle and runs away from home, accidentally making off with an explosive device called the B.L.A.M.M.O. that Robotnik needs to power one of his machines.
This episode is nothing special but it has it’s moments,  as ever, Robotnik steals the show with wonderfully over the top animations and a few good one liners.
Robot is also quite a cute character, if a bit weird looking….he doesn’t talk which is a plus given the terrible voices characters in this series tend to be lumped with.
We also get an (almost) touching moment when scratch and grounder try to stop Robotnik from destroying Robot.
“No Robotnik, pleeeaaaasseeeee, don’t destroy our slave…..”
…close enough.

Best Moment: Grounder: You hear that? A complete idiot could make a better robot than us

Scratch: Yeah?....Hey wait, we’re a complete idiot aren’t we?

Ep 59 – Tails’ Tale
Sonic gets captured by Scratch & Grounder and taken prisoner in the temple of King Komomats, a cursed temple that appears only at night. It is up to Tails, Professor Von Schlemmer and new character Capitaine Reim Le’ Duc to save him. Le’ Duc is a 1940’s bi-plane captain with an awful French accent and stereotypical cowardly French persona that wears thin after about a minute let alone being stuck with him for an entire episode.
Despite this, the episode manages to be a very enjoyable one. Lots of what you’d expect from a haunted temple, bats, secret passageways and tombs  but all handled very well. The temple isatmospheric and it’s ruler Komomats an enjoyable character (even if he does only appear for a few seconds) with a good design.
The episode finishes with Le’ Duc promising (or threatening) to return but it’s a promise he does not fufill.

Best Moment: Tails flying the bi-plane, closest we’re gonna get to the tornado making an appearance in the series.

Ep 60 – Hero of the Year
I’ve changed my mind about how Prehistoric Sonic should have been the final episode to the series, this should have been the final episode. The gangs all here, we get cameos from Wes Weasley, Professor Von Schlemmer, Sgt. Doberman, Breezy, Robotnik Jnr. Robot Professor Caninestein, Sketch Lampoon, Ms Opossum, Bert Whoo, Roxy, MacHopper, Spelunk and DA BEARS!!

Robotnik hires Wes Weasley to host an wards dinner for Sonic and all his friends, the awards show is little more than an excuse to use clips from a bunch of older episodes, characters get up to make a short speech then show a clip from an episode they appeared in (for example Sgt. Doberman shows aclip of sonic fighting boss scorpion from the Attack on Pinball Fortress episode).
Robotnik also hosts his own awards show with a similar theme (as well as various photos of him in super sexy poses).

This episode is just awesome, it’s the perfect, loving celebration of the series as a whole, clip shows are always a con but this one does it with style bringing back all the old characters for one last hurrah. You’ve gotta love it.

Best Moment: Too many to mention, Breezy and Robotnik Jnr. having a house together, Wes Weasley’s porky pig style ending to the episode, the Sonic Says segment that features Scratch and Grounder getting hammered and one final chance to hear the epic catchphrase of DA BEARS!!!!!!

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