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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Episodes #36-40

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Episodes #36-40

Ep 36 – Robotnik’s Rival
Robotnik gets some competition in the form of Dr Brandon Quark a fellow mad scientist (with Duck feet, following a lab accident). After competing against each other to catch Sonic the two decide to pool their resources.
Quark is actually a pretty fun character and his sidekick Dufus, a shape changing Robot is one of the funniest characters the series has produced.
There are plenty of funny moments in this episode, mostly surrounding Dufus after his programming goes awry. Some highlights include him forcing Robotnik and Quark to kiss and make up, and standing up to his master before turning into a skateboarder and skating slowly off screen. Out of context these may not sound very funny but it’s Dufus’ deadpan delivery that really sells these jokes.

Best Moment: Dufus, just…..Dufus. Seriously he’s awesome and his voice is just perfect, so constantly calm and dead pan.

Ep 37 – The Magic Hassle
Wes Weasleys makes his triumphant return representing a new company F.W. inc. which specialises in gadgets and gizmos with magic powers as opposed to the technology driven items he sold last time around.
Robotnik wants nothing to do with him but Coconuts purchases several items to win Robotnik’s favour and sends the bill to robotnik.
This episode trys to be different from Weasley’s first showing but it’s just more of the same, Coconuts gets a machine and it backfires on him, rinse and repeat.
Still a fun episode though and it’s good to see a little continuity running through the series (robotnik remembers his fate at the end of the first weasley episode).
There’s also a subplot about Sonic getting his face on the $12 bill and  Robotnik wanting to replace it with his own.

Best Moment: Ok Robotnik, whatever happens I won’t hang up the phone, Bye, *hangs up phone*……uh oh

Ep 38 - Sonic The matchmaker
Another great episode making use of the continuity of the series. Robotnik wants  a wife and intends to build one but remembers his past creations that have turned against himso he sends Scratch and Grounder to kidnap Breezy and Robotnik Jnr.
It’s good to see these two characters return as they’re some of the best the series has produced. Robotnik Jnr is pretty much unchanged but Breezy is obviously worked on by another animator and her personalities a little off, no matter though. We’re also given a bit of romance, Sonic has moved on from Breezy, knowing they can’t be together because she’s a robot, so the episode is spent trying to get Breezy and Robotnik jnr together. We’re also introduced to the Bride of Frankenstein-a-like Omletta, Robotnik’s bride, she’s not much of a character, basically waiting hand on foot for robotnik before turning against him at the end but she’s by no means a bad character.

Best Moment: Robotnik: A match made in heaven has nothing on a match created in a lab.

Ep 39 – Tails Prevails
It’s Sonics birthday so Tails and Professor Von Schlemmer build him  a Robotnik-nabber machine. Robotnik disguises himself as Von Schlemmer and tries to convert the machine to nab sonic.
Not a great episode, the stories a bit all over the place, before it starts with the main plot there’s a large segment about Tails getting jobs to pay for a present and it all going wrong.
It’s one of those episodes that feels like they had a few ideas that wouldn’t stretch to twenty minutes so they’ve thrown them all together. Bit of a hodgepodge.

Best Moment: A pretty cool Star Wars reference as Sonic flies his air bike along a rivet in Von Schlemmer’s lab that bears more than a passing resemblance to the destruction of the death star scene.

Ep 40 – Zoobotnik
An Amazonian bounty hunter, Cutella, has came to Mobius to kidnap people to sell to zoos on other worlds, Robotnik asks for a meeting with her and she falls for him forcing him to marry her.
There’s something off about this episode, Cutella’s character design is sooff from anything else in the series and she stands out like a sore thumb. She’s obviously based on She-Ra and characters of that ilk. In fact there’s a niggling suspicion running through this episode that she might in fact be a trace job, there’s just something in the way she’s animated, it’s just not quite right.
As for the rest of the episode, it’s fine, not a particularly memorable one but there’s a few funny moments.

Best Moment: A cameo from Mamma Robotnik as she breaks up the wedding, she also returns in her original design, moustache and all.

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