Monday, 19 November 2012

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever
Jeff Kinney

I’ve kind of missed the boat on this series, it’s been immensely popular, spawning seven books, three films, toys, games and various other spin off thingamajigs. I have also broken my rule of only starting with the first in a series, instead my introduction to the Wimpy Kid is the sixth title in the series.

Obviously this is a book aimed at eight to ten year olds and, as such, is unlikely to satisfy your literary cravings but you know what? It’s really funny.
I read this in one go, (no mean feat, it’s quite short) and I loved it. It’s a very funny book, written well, with a suitable amount of jokes both for kids and adults. Children’s books that try to appeal to grown ups always run the risk of not providing content for the true audience, the children. Not so here, the jokes are for kids but with a wry nod towards adults, more a smirk out of the corner of the mouth than an outright punchline. Children will laugh at Greg’s virtual pet, and parents will emphasise with his poor mum, constantly forking out cash for clothes for a dog that doesn’t exist.

The plot is light and delightfully all over the place. A book about being trapped in a house during a snow storm could be clichéd but it’s touched upon only very briefly towards the end with the majority of the book reading more like a series of quick sketches, none of which are long enough to outstay their welcome or too short to be entertaining.

I really enjoyed this book, to the point that I will be actively ncouraging my girlfriend’s little sister (from whom I stole this copy) to buy more of them so I can steal them away for myself.

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