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Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog Episodes #26 - 30

Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog
Episodes #26 - 30

Ep 26 – Submerged Sonic
An underwater episode, Robotnik kidnaps a mermaid Princess and attempts to blackmail her kingdom. Meanwhile sonic gets stuck with surf, a merman who wants to win the princesses’ hand and who’s toooootally a radical surf dude bro, tubular…..
Yeah….he’s annoying….
There are a coupe good references to thegames in this episode but that’s really all it’s got going for it, I’ve never been much of a fan of these kinds of episodes anyway even without the inclusion of awwwwwweeeessoommmeeeee surf duuuuuudddeeesss.
Also, bit of a nitpick, Sonic swims all throughout this episode, Sonic can’t swim </fanboy>

Best Moment: Surf: The power pearls, you bang them together then they explode in five second
Sonic: Explode?
Surf: Yeah….
Sonic: In five seconds?
Surf: Yeah….

……20 second conversation….hurm….

Ep 27 – Boogey Mania
It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for (….probably) the return of Professor Von Schlemmer. Are you excited?
He returns, with a device that brings dreams to life, gee, that sounds like the sort of thing Robotnik would like to get his hands on, and you’ll never guess what happen next, that’s right, Robotnik gets his hands on it, using it to create a bogeyman to reek havock.
Not a terrible episode, there’s also something about Sonic going into the dream world to find a monster to beat Robotnik, all in all it’s a pretty good idea for an episode but I can’t help but feel they could have gone a little crazier with this one. They could have had literally anything in this episode but settled for two pretty uninspired monsters. 
Keep an eye out for Sonic’s Doctor disguise from the first episode popping up too.

Best Moment: Robotnik: What a magnificent scheme, now you may lick my boots.
Grounder: Aaaawwww……I hate his boots…..

Ep 28 – Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
While taste testing for an instant chilli dog factory (?) Sonic and Tails are zapped with a device intended to age them so they are too slow to get away. Instead the  machine backfires and the duo are turned into babies.
While it’s nice to see more of cute bay Tails I’m not really sure what the hell happened to make the writers think any of this episode was any good. Sonic’s baby design in awful and he’s incredibly annoying, we also get baby Robotnik which is fairly disturbing.
Basically the majority of the episode is Baby robotnik trying to pull playground pranks on Sonic and failing. One hilariously bad example is atrail of Jelly beans leading to a trap, Sonic ignores it but Robotnik eats them and falls into the trap. I know he’s meant to have limited intelligence but that’s pushing it a bit.
There’s an awful, tiny toons/ muppet babies wannabe vibe going on here and it’s one that’s simply not welcome. An awful episode.

Best Moment: A pretty famous Sonic Says in which Sonic warns about the dangers of climbing into tumble dryers. “If you think it’s cool to climb in a dryer, you’re really all wet”. Such an odd moral to end this episode on…

Ep 29 – Robotnik Jnr.
Speaking of baby Robotnik, as one might expect from the title in this  episode Robotnik gets a son. Well, builds one. Robotnik Jnr is a snarky bully kid stereotype but surprisingly, not a very annoying one. He also has quite a good character design, not simply Robotnik’s head on a different body like Mama-Robotnik.
Jnr is also one of the few characters in the series to have any real amount of character development, going from bully to hero as he realises Robotnik is a bad guy.
Before all that though there are plenty of great moments shared with his father and some pretty funny concepts thrown about (Robotnik bulldozing a forrest to have somewhere to park and RV so he and his son can go camping) it’s family bonding villain style and it’s great.

Best Moment: The animation geek in me is screaming to tell you that this is one of the best examples of animation in the series, it never reaches the quality of the pilot but some of the shots are great. One scene of Sonic falling into a trap and rotating 360o isparticularly impressive considering the usual limited animation seem in the series.

Ep 30 – Full Tilt Tails
Robotnik invents a stick of gum that makes the chewer twice as fast as sonic (not a lie, that’s the maguffin in this episode), however, the gum ends up stuck to Tails’ shoe while he’s out training, giving him super speed.
An oddly Sonic free episode but quite an enjoyable one, a lot of set pieces involving Tails trying to use his speed and making a bigger mess but it’s not as gimmicky as it probably should be.
I mentioned Sonic is mostly absent from this episode but I should point out that when he is around, his dialogue is bizarre, reading like one long episode of Sonic says, he teaches Tails the importance of using his speed for good and training to be as fast as  sonic but does so in a way suggesting we’re supposed to take this as themoral of the episode. Remember kids, don’t abuse your super powers.

Best Moment: Sonic: Speed isn’t about showing off, it’s  about doing good.
Tails: ……you show off

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