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Adventures of Sonic The hedgehog Episodes #21 - 25

Adventures of Sonic The hedgehog 
Episodes #21 - 25

Ep 21 – Sonic Gets Trashed
Sonic and Tails find a valley inhabited by Robotnik’s reject robots. Meanwhile Robotnik is intending to destroy the valley so he can build a luxury resort.
A pretty decent episode with a couple of funny moments but not among the best of the series. It’s a little heavy handed with it’s moral lesson of overcoming your weaknesses but that’s nothing too unusual for this show

Best Moment: Snaaaaaaaaaaakes, Snaaaaaaaaakes!!!!

Ep 22 – Pseudo Sonic
Now here’s an interesting one, notable for featuring the first appearance of Metal Sonic in animated form. Okay I know it’s not the real metal sonic but it’s obvious where the inspiration for Pseudo Sonic comes from. It’s weird really, Metal Sonic is such a fan favourite character but he makes hardly any appearances in any of the sonic cartoons. Apart from the Sonic Movie I think this is actually his only appearance.
The episode revolves around Robotnik building Pseudo Sonic, and sending him off to rubbish Sonic’s name. When Sonic confronts him he ends up in a bed of poison flowers and swelling up. As Sonic is unable to stop Robotnik, Tails takes the Pseudo Sonic armour (worth mentioning that this is the first episode to make reference to the idea from the games that badniks are powered by animals) and goes off to clear Sonic’s name.
This is a great episode that crams in a lot of plot points but does it in a way that seems very natural. The episode was also adapted into comic form for Archie’s Sonic The hedgehog #9 (Archie also had another couple of issues that feautered Scratch and Grounder).

Best Moment: Gotta be big fat Sonic, they missed a trick in not releasing a plush of this guy I’m telling you.

Ep 23 – Grounder the Genius
Robotnik invents a genius chip which increases the intelligence of it’s user a thousand-fold. After a battle with Sonic the chip ends up in grounder’s head. I must give props to this episode, I’ve seen lots of similar shows with stupid characters getting smart and they usually all go the same way. The character is so smart that his/her over thinking of everything ends up making them just as useless as when they were dumb. That’s not what happens here and Grounder actually comes pretty close to defeating sonic and overthrowing Robotnik, stopped only by Scratch, because no one could predict that he would save the day. It’s a pretty decent payoff for what could be a fairly clichĂ©d episode.

Best Moment: I like that when Grounder uses the  genius chip it installs a smoking jacket, monocle and mortar board, he doesn’t choose to wear them, he just gets them as if their a software upgrade. 

Ep 24 – Tails in charge
Second episode in a row to feature Sonic being turned to stone as he is zapped by a ray gun designed to do just that leaving Tails to fend for himself against Scratch & Grounder. Another good episode, one giving Tails the chance to prove himself, Tails is too often characterised as a weak kid in this series, often only managing to beat foes by luck so it’s good to see him given the central role for a change.

Best Moment: Tails trying to copy his mentor and dressing up in a disguise to fool Scratch & Grounder, complete with poorly put on voice. Poor kid still  has a lot to learn.

Ep 25 – Sno Problem
Robotnik installs Scratch & Grounder with obedience chips that make them subservient to him. A bit of an odd plot point as Scratch & Grounder are already subservient to Robotnik anyway, acting out his evil schemes in every episode. Basically it’s used hereas an excuse for sonic to trick them into thinking he’s Robotnik and getting them to smack themselves around a bit.
This is a weird episode, not a lot seems to be going on, it just feels really slow. There’s a sub plot about robotnik building a freeze gun but it doesn’t really go anywhere…..

Best Moment: Tails when he’s taken over by the obedience chip, so monotone.

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