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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episodes #16-20

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog 
Episodes #16-20

Ep 16 – Tail’s New Home
Another of the episodes I loved as a kid. Sonic gets worried that the hero life is to risky for Tails and so attempts to find a family to adopt him. Cue various exploits with various unsuitable families, a family of Clumsy birds, and the war obsessed Sgt Doberman. Meanwhile Robotnik creates a family of creepy Tails-doll like foxes to kidnap tails.
The reason I loved this episode so much as a kid was it explains the origins of how  Sonic and Tails met. It’s not much of an origin story, basically Sonic is out running and Tails falls on his head, but I loved it so much as  a child. It’s also the first episode to refer to Tails by his real name, Miles. 

Best Moment: Baby tails, he’s just so ‘effing cute.

Ep 17 – Over the Hill Hero
Yet another gullible do-gooder is tricked by Dr Robotnik. This week it’s Captain Rescue, a washed up superhero racoon complete with patched up costume and bulging stomach. You can probably guess exactly where the plot goes from there and you’d be right. Sonic is captured and Captain Rescue gets the chance to re-live his glory days, proving that he still has something to offer. All in all a pretty poor episode with very little in the way of good moments.

Best Moment: CR: Tails, how did you find me?
Tails: I asked around for the retired superhero part of town.

….yep that’ll work.

Ep 18 – Blank Headed Eagle
*sigh* And the clichĂ©s keep coming, this time, the obligatory amnesia episode with Scratch crashing a plane and awakening believing he is Edgar Eagle, the hero from his favourite tv show, as well as gaining the affections of a female turkey. Sonic uses this to his favour, using Scrath’s knowledge to get inside Robotnik’s new robot factory.
So yeah, another pretty crappy episode. I’ve never liked amnesia plots, they’re never particularly interesting, sen one you’ve seen ‘em all.

Best Moment: Robotnik in a corset. Sexy.

Ep 19 – Mystery of the Missing Hi-Tops
Sonic stumbles upon a town that is hosting a “sonic appreciation day” and agrees to perform a speed demonstration. During the night however, someone breaks into Sonic’s hotel room and steals his sneakers.
In this canon, unlike some others, Sonic doesn’t get his speed from his sneakers, but his feet overheat when he runs so he does need them to keep going.
This is a pretty good episode with a lot of new characters, Sonic’s #1 fan Sonette who jumps from a building hoping Sonic will save her and Sonic’s childhood friend hodge-podge.
There are also a couple of cameos, the gardener from the episode lovesick Sonic and the newspaper vendor who sells Sonic Crack-ups.

Best Moment: Robotnik’s gin rummy playing Robot, this is a pretty Robotnik free episode so it’s good that he gets this one funny little scene.

Ep 20 – So Long Sucker
A portal to opens to another dimension and a…small...blob…thing….comes through. Tails decides to keep it as a pet but there’s trouble (oh, isn’t there always?) when it is discovered that the creature has a massive appetite.
Sadly, another episode more miss that hit. Just not a fan of this kind of episode, I also feel that it takes too long to establish Goobster’s (the blob) appetite and too long still too find a way to get him into Robotnik’s clutches so the end of the episode seems a little rushed.

Best Moment: Robotnik: What kind of an idiot do you think I am?
Grounder: Oh, the best kind….

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