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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episodes #11 - 15

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog 
episodes #11 - 15

Ep 11 – Sonic’s Song
A country singing Cat (basically Felix is a cowboy hat and a dress) releases a song about Sonic which becomes a massive hit. Robotnik creates a music hating robot in an attempt to kidnap her.
This is a really good episode, it breaks the trend of annoying one off characters by giving us Catty Carlyle, a pretty well rounded character with a lot of sass. The Music Destroyer is also a pretty intimidating looking villain though he suffers from an overly irritating voice. Sonic’s song is also pretty good, a convincing country reworking of the theme from Sonic 1, though it becomes irritiating very quickly as it is repeated constantly for the first ten minutes of the episode.

Best Moment: Sonic shredding on the electric guitar, six years before Sonic Underground.

Ep 12 – Birth of a Salesman
Probably one of the best loved episodes of the series and for one obvious reason. This is the episode that gave the world Wes Weasley, salesman for “Handy Dandy Super Villain Appliance Distributors Ltd.”. Throughout the episode Weasley sells Robotnik various machines designed to catch Sonic but which of course constantly fail.
The episode is pretty standard, it’s only really remembered for the plaid suited Phil Silvers impersonator. Weasley would go on to appear in another few episodes of the series.

Best Moment: “Howareyahowareyahowareyahowareya? Wes Weasley’s the name!”

Ep 13 – Best Hedgehog
Sonic and Tails break a prisoner out of Robotnik’s fortress. It is revealed that he is the boyfriend of a girl called Lucinda that the teenage Robotnik was in love with. 
I can’t help but feel this episode was a bit of a missed opportunity. It could have been used to provide a little back story and character motivation for why Robotnik is the way he is. Instead we are presented with a teenage Robotnik who’s just as evil as his older self, with no real explanation.
Overall it’s still a pretty good episode with a few good funny moments, one of the best being Robotnik’s differing take on why Lucas is imprisoned, showing young Robotnik to be a handsome muscular man as opposed to the overweight spotty bully he really was.

Best Moment: Robotnik: Return Lucas to me and you can have any reward you want.
Grounder: ……even that wrench set?

Ep 14 – Robotnik Express
Scratch and Grounder are driving a trainload of weapons cross country when they enlist the services of the Lovable but gullible freedom fighters DA BEARS!!! Who mistake the robots for Sonic and Tails.
Another great entry into the AoStH character roster DA BEARS!!! are great characters and show up in another couple of episodes later in the series. The plot is also good if a tad clichéd, Sonic and Tails have to stop the train before it falls through an incomplete bridge, this provides the makings of a couple of good set pieces.
In terms of plot holes there’s a moment where the train is about to crash into an avalanche, Sonic gets DA BEARS!!! to clear the road to let it pass. This is done so that Tails isn’t killed when the train chrashes but Sonic could easily use his Sonic speed to save Tails, allowing the train to crash before getting to the bridge…..of course that would be asking for sense and logic and as we all know, that’s just not what this series is about.

Best Moment: Isn’t it obvious? This is the episode that gave us, DA BEARS!!!

Ep 15 – Too Tall Tails
Man….this episode is….weird. And for this series that’s saying something. In it we see Sonic and Tails take a visit to Weinerville, a town populated by anthropomorphic sausages….no lie. They live in hotdog houses and drive hotdog cars, they also see to live entirely on hotdogs which is a little creepy when you stop to think about it…
We’re also introduced to Professor Von Schlemmer, a mad scientist (who seems to have an odd masochism streak…) who builds an enlarge-ray that Robotnik uses to turn Tails into a giant, for some reason this also turns him into an unstoppable eating machine. There’s also a creature called the “Wizard Lizard” which is a dragon in a wizard hat…..and to cap it all, Sonic returns tails to normal by firing a giant Chilli Dog at him which contains magic garlic…….just….what?

Best Moment: I’m still agog at Wienerville, Hotdogs eating hotdogs while driving hotdogs…..what is this?
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