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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Episodes 06 - 10

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog 
Episodes 06 - 10

Ep 06 - Sonic Breakout
Robotnik kidnaps Sketch Lampoon, artist of Crack-ups comics after he publishes a comic making fun of him and it’s up to Sonic to break him out of prison.
I can’t describe how much I wanted to own Crack-ups as a kid, it’s basically a comic book but with a button on the page you can press that makes the comic strip into a little animated movie that tells the story. Seriously, how cool is that?
 Attention DC and marvel, I know comic books sales are declining, THIS is how you save them. Start making Crack-ups.

Overall, this isn’t a great episode, not a terrible one, just not great. It has some funny moments but it’s a story you’ve seen a hundred times before and sketch Lampoon isn’t a particularly interesting character.

Best Moment: Crack-ups, seriously, I want this comic.

Ep 07 - Trails of the Missing Tails
Robotnik’s cousin Dr Warpnik (….yep) kidnaps Tails and takes him prisoner in the warp of confusion.
Boy, where to start? Ok, so Robotnik’s cousin Dr Warpnik, boy of all the awful characters this series has brought us….. Imagine the Grinch, shaved, with glasses and a toupee and you’ve got Dr Warpnik. According to this episode Robotnik imprisoned him in the warp of confusion because he’s a looney and he was right. Warpnik is constantly dancing around and cackling like a madman, the problem is….he’s never funny. Whenever he’s on the screen you’ll find yourself just wishing the scene would end.
On the positive side, the warp of confusion osactually a pretty cool reference to the special zone from Sonic 1 and there are a lot of awesome Robotnik moments in this episode, “Warpnik, I thought I’d seen the last of you, you fish fondling fruit cake”.
Over all though, you can afford to skip this one…trust me…

Best Moment: “My dear Sonic, If I’d known you were coming, I’d have poisoned a cake”

Ep 08 - Close encounter of the Sonic Kind
Another annoying episode as Scratch and Grounder accidently suck an alien prince to Mobius while trying to capture Sonic. The prince has two hours to get back home for his  coronation or his brother will be crowned king in his place and destroy Mobius.
Possibly the flimsiest excuse for a plot so far in the series and it’s not helped by the Prince being such a damn awful character.
There are a couple of halfway decent roadrunner gags with Scratch and Grounder but for the most part it’s an awfully poor episode.

Best Moment: Sonic disguising himself as Carmen Miranda and coming to destroy the suction beam only to discover Scratch and Grounder already smashing it for him. He just walks away and lets them go at it.

Ep 09 - Momma Robotnik’s Birthday
Robotnik’s Mother shows up and demands her son destroy Mobius national park for her birthday present, when this fails the two work together to destroy Sonic.
Aosth had an odd fascination with Robotnik’s extended family and here we get our first example of his mother. Her character  design is a little poor, she’s just Robotnik in a dress, moustache and all both Sonic and Tails actually comment on this.
The episodes ok, it’s pretty funny to see Robotnik taken down to the level of a child by his Mum. 

Best Moment: This is one episode where Sonic doesn’t actually save the day, it’s actually two care takers from Momma Robotnik’s retirement home who show up at the end to take her back.

Ep 10 – King Coconuts (Big Daddy)
A baby gorilla, Boom Boom, mistakes Coconuts for his Daddy, meanwhile Robotnik has his real Dad under his control. This episode is basically an excuse  for a bunch of roadrunner-style jokes with Coconuts trying to use Boom Boom to kill Sonic with each of the plans backfiring.
The weird thing about this episode is Robotnik’s plan. He doesn’t use the massive Gorilla to smash up buildings or anything you might expect of a king kong-esque villain. Instead he hands him a laser gun and tells him to climb a mountain and start firing wildly at nothing in particular…..genius.

Best Moment: Robotnik’s plan only fails when the batteries in the laser gun run out…bit of an oversight on Robotnik’s part.

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